IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services

Reinvent your business-possibilities with Terait's IT infrastrcuture services

Businesses nowadays have to give more effort over the digital and cloud-based world to get a competitive edge. IT business competencies get optimum results to perform only when their IT infrastructure is much renowned. TERAIT's operations are agile and is supported by intelligent infrastructure that helps businesses to evolve amidst challenges. Businesses can now empower themselves for innovation and drive execution of newer business models. Our IT team delivers a comprehensive set of services that ensure the reliability of IT infrastructure with end-to-end infrastructure administration, time-to-time monitoring, and prompt troubleshooting. Well competent for planning, implementation, and management of changes in the IT environment, our IT infrastructure services will ensure support for the uninterrupted flow of business operations.

Businesses who are much confused over what approach to be taken for the development will benefit from us, with desired IT infrastructure solution that fits right for respective business requirements. TERAIT will help businesses with extensive design and effective implementation of a cloud-ready infrastructure that unlocks their vision and unprecedented performance.

With diverse support locations and offices in Bangalore, we are competent in solving IT Infrastructure problems, with 360-degree attention across computing & mobility devices, Networking, Data Centers, Security, Cloud, Email & productivity, Audio Visual Solutions, and all other IT requirements. With more than a decade of experience, we make use of our expertise in the handling of IT infrastructures with an unparalleled focus on redefining IT infrastructure services.

Following are the components of IT infrastructure we specialize in:


  • End Users/Devices

Irrespective of the size of the business requirements, we at TERAIT deploy and manage the right end-user computing devices computers, tablets, and other devices your professionals need every day. Alongside this, we also dedicate ourselves to the internet of things and provide all solutions aimed at maximizing business productivity. We partner with industry leaders equipment providers in the industry to supply businesses with high-end technology such as Tablets, Laptops, Work Stations, Imaging Devices, and more. The costly downtime of hardware and software update cycles will directly impact the business operations and its results. We believe it's not just about the supply of devices is not enough but it's the management through user-centered approaches of effective utilization of tools is also critical for hassle-free communication and productivity. We identify the right solutions for appropriate business that supports employees with fast, easy, and flexible access to all kinds of applications and data. While the consultation process, our experts identify each particular business requirement and tailor our IT infrastructure services that run with the overall goals and vision of the IT industry. Deploying end-user devices, we also provide appropriate system management and support parallel with the overall goals and vision. We also ensure the updating and deployment of end-user computing systems making these devices keep up with the dynamic requirements of the business.


  • Mobility

Encompassing the IT and process management services required by IT businesses we drive acquirement, provision, and support of smart-phones, tablets, and other devices compatible with integrated cellular and/or wireless connectivity. Unlike the largely focused on corporate-liable devices, our MMS engagements cater a level of control over IT companies catering support over individual liable devices, scale devices, or benefit with important corporate resources and information. Businesses nowadays demand agility, flexibility, mobility, and access to business information irrespective of time and location, with any kind of devices.

Our agile, flexible, accessible IT mobility services can make organizations customer-centric efficiently. We securely provide access to business information over various mobile platforms, and devices. Managing IT mobility 24x7x365 with the application of MDM/ EMM technologies, we cover the comprehensive spectrum of mobility services. With 360 Degree mobility managed Solutions, our mobility advisory services assist organizations in adopting holistic approaches and strategize, plan and design a comprehensive mobility strategy. Designing innovative collaboration initiatives, easy deployment of emerging technologies, and manage infrastructure, our Mobility Collaboration Services provide responsiveness and visibility. Guiding IT organizations for constantly staying connected through different stages of the mobile usage lifecycle, we ensure focusing on the management of devices, confidential business information, mobility, and costs.


  • Data Centers

Centralize IT infrastructure, operations, storage, and management for enjoying tremendous scale and lower the cost of IT business ownership. Partner with us for crafting cost-effective data centers, that can easily be maintained in silos leading to operational inefficiencies. IT business planning for expansion should always be driven with a plan or will lead to much more frequent and unplanned infrastructure upgrades. Benefitting with significant financial and operational impact, our service comes along with standardization, a centralized repository of reference documentation, and adequate support. Our comprehensive data center solutions comprise virtualization, server consolidation, and transformation. Building secure and energy-efficient infrastructure environments, our offerings re-engineer data center infrastructure and upgrade its capacity along with business outcomes. We address not only technological challenges and cost pressures but also help realize data center infrastructure investments to their full potential. Our dedicated data center services team, with the support of a service management ecosystem, provides round-the-clock-round support for business processes, transactions, and a transformed data center environment.


  • Networking Services

Business networks converge, IT organizations must have ample compatibility for intelligent handling of network traffic but also focus on functionalities and quality of service for branch locations and mobile workers. Our Data networking solutions support IT enterprise networks for operational efficiency by effective prioritization of real-time business intelligence compiled from business data cutting down costs.

Our comprehensive range of data networking technologies comprises IP Routing, WAN access, workgroup LAN, edge, and core switching products. Each kind of business requires a different kind of business environment and networking solutions. Our specialized data networking team will work closely with you to determine the correct solution to solve your unique business requirements. Our computer Networking Solutions include LAN, MAN & WAN, Application Switching & Optimization, Ethernet & Metro Routing Switches, multi-service Switches, Network Management, Secure Routers, WLAN, Wide Area File Services, Security & VPN. With prompt network Management, secure network access switches & routers, switched firewalls, threat-free protection system, VPN Gateways, Routers, Wireless Networks, WLAN, WiMAX, and Wireless Mesh, our solutions will also enable businesses for prioritizing and streamlining business communications for faster and more efficient measures.


  • Security/ISS

Reinforce the security of IT businesses against the dynamic threat landscape. Proliferate disruptive technologies such as mobile, social, cloud, and big data are adding complexities and driving the security requirements of the IT infrastructure and information assets. Suitable strategies, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting are required for effective enterprise security risk management. Analyzing the integrity of security controls we will focus over safeguard enterprise data and intellectual property, we design strategies for delivering effective enterprise security risk management with defense-in-depth strategies, monitoring, analysis, and reporting. Drawing on our deep expertise over a large pool of experienced security professionals our IT security solutions mitigates key challenges. We aim for improvement of the agility, flexibility, alongside the cost-effectiveness of the next-generation requirements of IT security and compliance programs. With holistic risk-driven approaches, our IT solutions support identification, accessing, governance, data protection, risk & compliance, threat management & mitigation, and time-to-time cyber-security monitoring & management.

Blending promising technologies of M2M communication, BYOD, and the Internet of Things, IT businesses can ensure optimum productivity. But these are exposing IT organizations to external and internal threats. Ever-changing landscapes are demanding effective identity and access management protocols that empower businesses for taking advantage of technology alongside safeguarding their assets against unnecessary exposures and complying with regulatory requirements.


  • Audio Visual solutions

Our well-integrated Audio Visual technology solutions eliminate delays and user-distraction smoothening the decision making process. With clear-cut A/V integration solutions drive resultant operations most productively by blending in technologies that don't intrude but help ideas flow much better. Offering a broad package of strategic consultancy, design, project management, customized programming, and integration of technologies in high-end Boardrooms, connected conference rooms, meeting/Huddle rooms for Digital learning operation centres or control & command centres, we enable teams together for experiencing completely natural, alongside best in class technology.

Making sure the participants see, hear, and communicate properly, businesses can influence the key decisions on governance & performance of the organization. Working environments should also be equipped with the appropriate tools. We believe the audio/visual systems to be expertly engineered and highly reliable. Ensuring flawless operation, our consultants will work alongside businesses for evaluation of their Audio/Video requirements and for making sure the appropriate set of products is put in place.


  • CCTV

As a full-service security service provider, our offerings include professional installation, servicing, and maintenance with our in-house support officials. Our clients recognize us for the passion for delivering the highest quality IT systems and unprecedented support. Specializing in blended video surveillance systems and technologies, our solutions protect client investments. Our security systems are not just a deterrent, but also the perfect monitoring tool. With TERAIT's CCTV surveillance solutions, businesses can be effective in bringing thousands of criminals to justice. We support IT businesses and the company's staff, for their peace of mind, with no emotion of vulnerability. With broad range offerings that comprise CCTV cameras, video encoders, video management software, camera applications, and a large choosing of accessories. Designing a customized CCTV security system that fits any kind of size and budget, our professionals cater to professional expertise for recommending the exact product and system for the specific requirements. With integrated CCTV solution with cameras, to benefit with multi-level surveillance and remote management knowing the business property to be safe and secure.


  • Biometric solutions

Leveraging market-leading technology, our scalable, easy to integrate, standard-compliant, and high-performance biometric identity management solution will be perfect for the biometric multimodal system requirements. Innovative biometric solutions from us cater to critical support across a wide array of business operations for ensuring hassle-free security. Our biometric identity management system supports fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition much quicker and accurate performance along with minimal hardware requirements. Easy to customize, our solutions allow smooth integration. Utilizing our solutions of fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition technology, businesses can easily get an ample solution that is tailored to business processes.

  • OS and Applications

Our operating System virtualization ensures modification/ initiation of a standard OS of their requirement, empowering multiple professionals for running result-driven applications. This concept of virtualization is quite useful for the secure allocation of a finite number of hardware resources among the workforce and is commonly used in virtual hosting environments. OS virtualization integrates server hardware by shifting services on to separate hosts. OS virtualization services benefit greater flexibility and minimize overhead by effective facilitation of migration of individual applications. Our team of industry experts has extensive experience in the delivery of OS and Application consulting services and solutions for both SMBs and large organizations.


  • Wi-Fi

Our secured office Wi-Fi solutions boost employee productivity by empowering them to secure access to office networks irrespective of location by application of smart internet devices. Our Wi-Fi access points give twice the coverage of the standard ones. Thus solutions provide secured Wi-Fi access alongside WPA2 Enterprise for giving in-built quality of service ideally for voice, video, and data traffic. Information technology is the constant evolution and this makes them face the challenges of maintaining office IT systems in sync with the up-to-date technological developments. We recognize the criticality of internet technology and its applications in businesses nowadays. Our portfolio of services that comes under this category makes it a hi-tech workplace that guarantees improved productivity at minimized costs. Our Wi-Fi solutions provide devices such as laptops, smart-phones, tablets, etc., for accessing office networks from anywhere inside the premises. Our Enterprise Solutions addresses these business concerns with its secured office Wi-Fi solution unmatched by the competitors.


  • Vendor Management system

Our Vendor management solutions support businesses in offering a unique set of features that drive improvement of the unique ways businesses communicate with vendors. Vendor management solutions are software that serves as a communication, project, and payroll management system for companies by effectively employing contractors and freelancers. Vendor management software ensures effective and accessible communications channels that smoothen the interaction between managers and contractors. It is also a convenient tool for task assignment, process tracking, work coordination, and other functionalities of agile project management. These simple and efficient solutions can also be handy for organizing vendor, contractor payments, contracts, and expenses.


  • Building Management System

TERAIT’s Building Management System (BMS), solutions support users for monitoring and control equipment. A thoroughly structured and user-friendly BMS solution executes the easy operation of buildings and empowers insight into the whole building system. Terait's built-in applications reinforce contextual displays, drive smart alarming, and analyze. Our software solutions allow integration with BACnet and Modbus protocols, the industry's set standards appropriate for HVAC equipment. With a common web browser and a mobile device, IT businesses can stay connected and benefit with full control over the building assets.

TERAIT relieves IT businesses from the necessity for coming up with various IT infrastructure issues resulting in consulting and management services that cover cloud solutions, data centers, virtual desktop infrastructures, and the application of DevOps practices. Assisting businesses in determining of current IT infrastructure state, we will help them build and realize IT strategies that are aimed at improvement of IT infrastructure efficiency. Before handing over the IT infrastructure we check audit everything parallel to HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR industry standards. Analyzing every step of the IT infrastructure management processes parallel to ITIL principles, we assure businesses reach further optimization.

Designing a comprehensive strategy for improving IT infrastructure performance, TERAIT's experts also look for operational issues and data protection risks and define suitable approaches for eliminating them. We also cater to our professionals for consultations and training of in-house employees for improvement of infrastructure management skills.

Benefits of outsourcing IT Infrastrcuture Service requirements to an ideal service provider


  • Flexibility

The flexibility of infrastructure for changing and growing adds up responsiveness to the business setup. Outsourcing IT infrastructure supports you for adjusting evolving industry standards. Ideal outsourcing providers are equipped with several experts for handling different issues of your IT infrastructure requirements.


  • Managed Services

Outsourcing Infrastructure Management allows them to benefit the complete package with proactive monitoring and management, database and datacentre management, security and any kind of other related support. The outsourcing providers manage the operations, but you still retain full control without taking much of your time.


  • Access to latest technologies

Organizations with limited IT resources struggles while management and updation of all the infrastructure. With a trusted vendor service provider coming in, it becomes easier for keeping track of everything and also get optimum expert advice.


  • Improved Efficiency:

IT businesses will have more time and money for their core competencies for improving their overall efficiency and generate optimum business value. This free employees from the responsibility for concentrating on maintenance of the infrastructure.


  • Reduced Risks:

The ever-changing financial conditions, market competition and regulations creates a lot of risks related to security and compliance issues.


Why outsource your IT Infrastructure service requirements to TERAIT?

  • Certified IT infrastructure service provider
  • Team of well qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, data analysts, software engineers.
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • 10+ experience in catering to IT Infrastructure service requirements
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.


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