Building Management System Solutions

Building Management System Solutions

Let a single point of control take over the monitoring of building with TERAIT's Building management system solutions. Accessing the sensors and assets of the business buildings via smart applications, our management solutions check and control everything right from safety/security sensors to water tank level sensors, STP, energy meters, control of lighting, pumps, etc. Other third-party equipment such as lifts can also be integrated into this BMS system for serving the notion of comprehensive monitoring and controlling of the building or campus.

With additional facility management features such as Preventive Maintenance (PM) Scheduling, Asset Maintenance History, Service & Help desk features, Reservation capabilities, and more our solutions ensure collective enabling of better management of business assets and property. Applying cost-effective operations of the business buildings, we improve the productivity of the workforce while maximizing the responsiveness towards the specific requirements of the building occupants. Our built-in applications support contextual displays, smart alarming, and analysis. Thus business owners, managers, and building management officials can stay connected and attain full control over the building assets. TERAIT's building management System aims at catering smart automation for buildings which enables monitoring of sensors of building to check them for safety, optimum security and cater control and monitoring of specific building's electrical assets for improvement of building operations, making business spaces to smarter ones.

Following are TERAIT's Building Management System offerings: 


  • Building Emergency System


Recording every emergency event received from sensors used for smokes, gas leaks, and door-intrusions that can happen within the building. Sending notifications over emails and SMS to relevant parties, our BMS solutions also allow quick reviewing of camera feeds for ascertaining the situation and enabling end-to-end emergency communication throughout all parties for facilitating quick reactions.


  • Perimeter Security


Offering perimeter security with the application of laser beams and ultrasound beam hardware. Monitoring perimeters, our building management system solutions provide notifications in event of disruption of beams. These also allow the skillful merging of appropriate camera feeds for ascertaining solutions. 


  • Building Video Door Phones (VDP)


Facilitate the guest visits with our VDP solutions that operate right from lobbies to individual business departments. Our individual VDP units will be installed exterior to each department doors as per requirement. Each visitor proceedings will be forwarded as the notification of VDP and doorbells over specific indoor panels. Our solutions also come with the option of integrating with automated door locks, whose operations will be integrated along with the VDP solutions for providing the convenience of remote door unlock.


  • Surveillance


Incorporating third-party IP cameras, our surveillance systems will be integrated into the BMS system. Giving contextual visual feed of zones for time-to-time monitoring, the feeds from these surveillance systems can prove to be useful in events of future emergencies. Our BMS links such camera feeds to zones and with quick reviewing systems, camera feeds can be accessed using smart applications. 


  • Common Area Landscape Lighting


Our Building Automation System supports comprehensive control of all facility lighting for lighting common areas, podiums, parks, and landscapes. These lighting solutions are based on lighting control and offering statuses within the BMS. Ensuring efficient operation based lighting control and status, our BMS solutions will utilize profiles and automatic scheduling for enabling convenient, and energy-efficient operation of lighting.


  • Energy Management


Our energy monitoring system enables monitoring of third-party smart meters allowing businesses for operational monitoring of DG sets and UPS battery status in appropriate condition. Deploying IoT based energy monitoring nodes businesses can make use of high capacity devices without the use of sub-metering. 


  • Water & STP Management


Enabling monitoring of water usage and consumption, our BMS systems allow monitoring of water level in tanks and control pumps and sprinklers for cutting down water and energy wastage. This system will also update end users with the status of STP operation. 


  • Elevator Operations


Monitoring elevators and the status of their operations through our BMS systems, our solutions will ensure the elimination of unwanted events. Constituting critical element of building operations that require to be monitored, our BMS systems ensure operational convenience and safety precautions. 




Our Building information models or BIM solutions when integrated with BMS systems it ensures facility management and operations. The building spaces created with BIM can be linked to the spaces in the BMS system. Building spaces developed with BIM are accessible in the BMS software for initiating control and monitoring of assets and sensors. BMS's permissions capability allows comprehensive access for specific spaces, controls, sensors, or data to end-users. BIM interfaces look onto asset specifications, manuals, maintenance history, and live operating parameters too. 


  • Maintenance Management

Our BMS solutions offer Smart Apps which can be used for building occupants for the generation of service requests. Facility management personals monitor such requests for assigning maintenance tasks, scheduling PM's, property management & asset data, and maintenance history. 


  • Notices

Enabling notices to be sent through Smart Apps and emails for all business operations centers, individually or collectively, BMS can be a great aid for communication of business information between business departments over the safety on a day-to-day basis. 


  • Reservations

Offering capability for the development of building staffs over reservation rooms or equipment set aside BMS eliminates all hassles related to the use of common spaces such as training centers and conference centers. This feature also supports users for accessing reservation of such spaces and assets with the allocation of a common calendar. 

Growing technological updations and the use of such in business operations has made automation a necessary choice. Building management too is following the same approach. The requirement for the integration of smart automated systems is rising along with the modern infrastructure. Companies across the globe are offering superior and premium quality solutions for the ever changing audience requirement.

Benefits of a Building Management System

  • Minimum operating cost through effective energy optimization 
  • Minimized recurring maintenance expenditure
  • Submetered and effective analysis of optimization potential 
  • Time to time system failure checking for saving service time
  • Preventive replacement with component lifecycle tracking 
  • Maximum staff productivity with no hassles
  • Consistent supervision over HVAC and lighting solutions
  • Determination of  suitable fire-fighting strategy 
  • Time to time monitoring of escalators and elevators 
  • Guaranteed tenant security with integrated video surveillance systems
  • Smooth & selective upgrades with legacy system integration.
  • Flexible architectures and system architectures
  • Extended plant & equipment lifetime by automatic performance tracking and misconfiguration detection


Why outsource your Building Management Service requirements to TERAIT?

  • Team of well experinced and qualified BMS specialists
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • 10+ experience in catering to Building Management service requirements
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.


Building management systems are used by businesses multitudes of them for automation and control systems. These are also used for monitoring and management of electrical, mechanical, and electromechanical services in a facility. The increased access to smart devices and the rising purchasing power of consumers is driving the emergence of such economies across the globe. The trend of globally integrated building management systems will boost in the coming years. This emerging concept when applied in modern infrastructure is equipped with a series of automated and manned control systems and monitoring devices.
Our building management systems come with much flexibility and the ability for functioning as fully interoperable control systems and the definition of protocols for enabling the co-existence of multiple systems on the same platform. Thus businesses nowadays are making viable choices for modern companies for the development of intelligent and automated buildings. We at Terait leverage BMS systems for allowing the conversion of dissimilar products into seamlessly networked systems. Our solutions will also offer minimum cost and enhanced features that are not available in proprietary systems. 

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