Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft Azure Solutions

Utilize the expansive power of Microsoft Azure cloud networks with TERAIT

Recognized as a leader over the private and public cloud, Microsoft Azure is a well-structured open cloud that caters to access for a multitude of preconfigured services and gives result-oriented approaches for the application of the technologies that they require. TERAIT is a certified Microsoft Azure partner who has demonstrated experience over customer satisfaction when transitioning to the same. Managing the transition to the cloud for IT enterprises securely and efficiently, we have worked alongside numerous clients for designing and implementation of custom Azure-based solutions. Our offerings help IT businesses for shifting to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for hosting core services such as email, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution for server transitioning out of the data center, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for application deployment, or every mentioned above. Do your IT business operations with ease through tension-free collaboration with us. 

Offered as Paas and IaaS, this popular service assists developers to write applications with the support appropriate support tools. Offering businesses the capability of saving money, working faster, and integrating data and on-premises applications through much flexible, scalable, and powerful approaches. Our feature-filled Microsoft Azure service offers a hybrid, public, and private cloud solution, that other cloud service providers don't cater to. This will ensure clients tp pay for only what they require and enjoy a better provision towards Windows and Linux VM applications. This will also drive the development of modern mobile and business solution applications for Windows and VM applications, develop high-end business and mobile applications for Windows, iOS, and Android, and enjoy data insights from both data and manage user accounts, with ap synching with on-premises data directories. Deployment of Azure services spans just a few time and fortune 500 companies are already on a bleeding edge in the usage of Azure platforms and the numbers are excited to rise with the capability offered by Azure and their improvement and expansion. 


IT businesses can enjoy an easier world and we are hereby excited to have the opportunity for showing it to you:


  • Architecture 

Our programmers and engineers design a sub-optimal cloud architecture on Azure that helps businesses in saving time, money, and missed opportunities. With the application of virtualization technology, our experts study how to evaluate computer hardware into software. Following a series of instructions that are encoded directly into silicon, we map software instructions for emulating hardware instructions, virtualized hardware that ensures the application of software to function such as "real" hardware. Realizing our clients have to deal with a massive collection of servers and networking hardware, our architecture proceedings will be based on the applications that control business operations and configuration of software & virtualization of hardware on these servers. Our programmers and azure platform specialists are well efficient and skilled in the maintenance and upgrading of computer hardware that happens behind the scenes. 


  • Automation

Allowing seamless process automation our Azure experts simplifies the automation phase with the appropriate set of tools. Improving and expanding the current scope of integration and automation with a multitude of benefits, our automation services will ensure enhancement and expansion of standing IT investment and competencies, we drive integration of current systems with integration modules for enabling quicker integration with exterior systems. Through versatile and dependable solutions developed in parallel with business requirements, our specialists ensure augmented reality of services along with LOB's, departments, and systems & tools for improved collaboration and resource sharing. Resolving errors in systems by time to time identification, we ensure businesses for resuming back to workflows faster after unexpected network issues, crashes and errors. Through standardized automating processes we ensure Azure automation by minimizing error-prone manual activities. 


  • Strategy Formation

We enable IT enterprises to designing and deployment of azure-based cloud strategies that revolutionizes IT transformation journeys. Developing strategies and driving insightful researches for corporate clients we ensure successes in every project we attend to. Our experts kickstart with discovery, mapping, and evaluation of on-premise applications. Opting for ideal assessment tools and compiling an inventory of existing physical & virtual servers we ensure information and performance of applications we develop information about servers and metadata. 

Later our application services will deliver a comprehensive idea of applications and their dependencies over each other. Opting for the right migrations strategy for these applications, our experts will evaluate the cost factor and the one that suits each IT business. Rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, and rebuilding applications we make additional code changes, modifications for improving scalability and deployability of cloud-native applications. Analyzing cloud expenditure efficiently with optimum accuracy and transparency, we guide businesses for a better investment. To work appropriately as per workloads we incorporate Azure hybrid and Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances. Businesses can enjoy the flexibility as our Azure solutions can be modified, secured, or make advancements for migrated and current workloads saving businesses time and money. Our professionals also safeguard business data and applications alongside azure's Secure, Data Protection, and Monitoring options. 


  • Integrations

We integrate digital capabilities for enterprises by deploying ecosystems that ensure seamless and faster driving of innovation. Our architects and integration specialists transform integration spaces by increasing the rate of change of business or digital transformation. Making capable of azure networks handle mission-critical workloads and applications giving enormous value for customers internally and externally. Integration scenarios come with many challenges as systems may have varied interfaces, APIs, data sources and formats, service-oriented & distributed services, cloud & on-premise clouds. 


  • Security

Our security center solutions generate a series of recommendations that should be fixed and enhanced for the protection of digital assets much better. We offer diversified threat protection for data centers that work over cloud workloads and on-premises. Working compatibly for hybrid clouds not a part of the Azure ecosystem. Our Azure Security Center is developed for resolving tensions that occur when migrated to the cloud. Taking responsibilities when upgrading to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) taking care of all comprehensive tasks related to security over networks and services. Offering a unified platform for securing and management of fast-changing workloads, we help businesses in securing hybrid cloud workloads. Enabling business teams for a comprehensive view of the status of resources, we assess environments, generate security alerts, and cater to threat prevention recommendations. Monitoring workloads for detecting security rule violations, we assist businesses in deploying security centers within Azure-powered environments. Businesses can enjoy uncompromised security for a growing number of sophisticated malware too. 


  • Hybrid Ecosystems 

Our experts engineer and deploy hybrid Azure ecosystems for enabling enterprises for unlocking innovative cloud capabilities that drive IT businesses much digitally ahead. Benefitting businesses with optimum hybrid cloud management functionality alongside migration & networking, single sign-on (SSO), and identity management, our solutions enable the deployment of hybrid storage devices on-demand. 


  • Optimized Implementations

Ensure optimized cloud operations by checking cost, security, availability, and performance. Applying proprietary in-depth tools and in-depth expertise for identifying a prioritized list of suggestions for the improvement of result-oriented practices. Studying extensively over the specific business operations, our managers identify efficiencies and risks. Our specialists are expertized in the implementation of changes for the improvement of the effectiveness of Azure infrastructure. Building and re-architecting cloud-native applications over Microsoft Azure we assist businesses by transforming legacy, monolithic on-premise applications for driving optimal cloud performance and scalability. 


  • Azure Assessment

Businesses should have a comprehensive understanding of environments for optimizing IT and optimization of IT infrastructure. Our Microsoft Azure Assessment Services assesses a line of business application portfolio for determining applications that are fit for migration to Microsoft Azure. Assessing product application portfolio, application modernization planning, and recommendations, application architecture, our azure assessment also identifies ideal applications for cloud usage, requirements & constraints against cloud utilization, remediation activities for application migration, targeted Azure services for hosting the portfolio's applications. Recommending ideal environments, our experts outline application & suggest remediation recommendations. 

Businesses can drive next-generation digital innovation by the effective improvement of every enterprise-wide Azure deployment's time for marketing with zero downtime. Studying environments and application portfolio through an in-depth analysis portfolio, our Microsoft azure solutions take the best use of cloud-certified resources. Catering to accelerated migration planning and formalized recommendations, our accelerated Microsoft solutions business requirements to be more agile. 


  • Streamlined Migration

Accelerate and smoothen the migration from on-premise IT ecosystems to elastic and platform-agnostic hybrid platforms. Our Azure Migration Process helps clients with migration, eliminating common pitfalls, and helps businesses maintain security & compliance requirements. To start with, we analyze current architecture, compile all business requirements, and prioritize applications for seamless migration. Compiling team goals and technical limitations, our solutions will identify security & compliance goals and technical limitations. Opting for an appropriate cloud platform, we identify security and compliance goals. Designing an appropriate Azure migration strategy, we identify pilot applications for POCs, prioritize applications, dependencies, & risks and align stakeholders on the roadmap and required resources. Designing & building a custom azure environment that matches security, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency requirements, we design compliant and secure reference architecture. Developing and building a minimum viable cloud, we implement security and compliance controls, install third-party tools, integrate CI/CD pipeline with infrastructure automation and use templates for the preparation of clouds to scale. Making keys to a production-ready cloud environment and helping businesses go live on Azure, our expert's test and refine every application on Azure. Studying persistently over transfer and training, we guide businesses in choosing the ideal Azure native or third-party tool for data migration. 


  • Support & Maintenance

We cater robust cloud maintenance strategies build over Azure solutions for cutting down costs and time that requires by on-premise assets. Effectively managing and maintaining network infrastructure & servers for businesses, we run the time-to-time risk of system failures that may degrade productivity and operating costs. Keeping up business procedures and operations for keeping applications in the cloud to be in top shape. We deliver master support and maintenance for dealing with emergencies, relieve issues, and streamline the business cloud environment for furnishing with the best outcomes.




Benefits of Microsoft Azure Solutions


  • Benefittable for businesses regardless of size
  • Easily scalable to meet IT demands and operates on pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Launching and storage of internal and external applications in the cloud
  • Minimum in-house IT costs, including hardware and maintenance.
  • Complements and expands current IT infrastructure through personalized approaches
  • Rapid deployments and hassle free & autonomous operation
  • Appropriate measures for maintaining security, compliance, and disaster recovery 
  • Appropriate for high-risk and sensitive nature of industries, such as government, health care, manufacturing, and financial services 

Why outsource your Microsoft Azure solution requirements to TERAIT?

  • 10+ years of experience as a certified Microsoft Azure  Solutions service provider
  • Team of well qualified and experiecened cloud experts, engineers. technicians, data analysts, software engineers.
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking

Terait is one of the leading Microsoft Azure digital partners who blends our in-depth expertise and agile result-oriented approaches for the development and deployment of hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystems with the proper application of Azure capabilities. Empowering business enterprises for innovation on the cloud with Azure at scale. With an exceptional track record of developing innovative and immersive on-cloud applications and cloud-native strategies, we assist IT enterprises in the digital revamping of information technology organization processes with Azure. Terait's custom Microsoft Azure solutions are compiled for enabling enterprises for giving momentum to IT businesses. Our extensively engineered Microsoft Azure expertise supports us for innovating and modernizing optimum flexibility for businesses on the cloud. 

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