Email Management Services

Email Management Services

Let us take care of Email Marketing campaigns when businesses can focus on their core competencies. With top-notch content that encourages users for paying visits to sites and purchasing products and services, our approaches comprise content creation and personalization, that will help businesses in choosing the appropriate campaign package that fits with their business requirements and goals to the best. As one of the efficient ways of web marketing strategies for businesses, we maximize brand awareness and remind people of their businesses and keeping shoppers revert for more. To benefit the most of their email marketing strategies, businesses have to build an efficient campaign that assures subscribers in getting the right information at the apt time. At TERAIT, we cater varied email marketing management services that drive businesses to successful results by assigning a part of your businesses in every target audience's business. 

Our email campaigning efforts do not interfere with other operations and thus avoid businesses from committing to time-consuming and security-risking faults. Our email management offerings are monitored correctly for running your offices safe and sound. Eliminating all the headaches out of email marketing, we commit user importing, user license management, group creation, and aliases for improvement in collaboration and much more. Saving time, streamlining communication and collaboration efforts, our focus will also be present for maximizing email security with a comprehensive email management system. 

The time spends in the office should be driven aiming for the growth of businesses without much stress over the mails. The main plan is to make capable offices with the support that is required for maximizing efficiency. An efficient email management system safeguards offices from incoming malware, prevents mails from leaving the company that could damage the overall brand. Filtering out incoming spam emails, our email management system with increased collaboration and communication drives safety more than ever. 

Following are the email management services we offer:


  • Secure Email Filtering Service

Preventing the jeopridization of company reputations, we avoid any kind of business data being leaked to outside sources. Being responsible for keeping networks clean and ensuring accountability for employee actions, our perimeter-based email filtering service cleans internal email before exiting corporate networks, cutting down the risk of improper routing, misuse of company resources, and non-compliant messaging. 


  • Email Migration Services

Business owners or IT managers can benefit from assisting businesses in the transition to Microsoft Exchange can ensure best-in-class email experience and support for IT companies. With seamless and successful transferring and setting up of thousands of email accounts, we at Terait deliver efficient and flawless migration services. 


  • Maximizing productivity

Businesses' email accounts will always have tons of spam mail, that should be managed, sorted, and deleted weekly-wise. But wasting time and revenue for such operations is not a viable idea. Saving such type of time will improve productivity and in turn prove beneficial for businesses. 


  • Prevent Disaster Situations

Businesses are always in threat with malware, spams, worms, and viruses, that pose a serious threat to the safety of business data, work, and even company computers permanently. Managing and ensuring businesses to have the appropriate email and web protection for stopping malware and viruses we ensure inboxes to be free from any risks.


Benefits of Email Management Services

  • Organized email management with solutions to challenges for data organization and work splitting
  • Sorting of customer conversations across teams, brands, products, or email accounts.
  • Effective management of mails, chats and phone conversations
  • Smart and automated workflows for smooth administration work
  • Automatic tagging and assigning for saving time, balance workloads, and the development of client relationships 
  • Automatic email redirection for business devlopment, makreting and HR operations
  • Collective actionable feedback for every interaction to roadmapping and goal setting
  • Collaboration of notes, saved replies, and traffic cop for smooth external and internal applications


Why businesses should outsource email management services?


  • 10+ years of experienced Email Management service provider
  • Highly specialized and experienced email management service professionals 
  • Tracking, opening, click-through, and conversion rates, leaving space for campaign improvement at any level 
  • Affordable email marketing services for automating, tracking, and evaluating emails
  • Higher conversion rates from already engaged audiences organically leading to stronger results 
  • Targeted messages for desired audiences for improved engagement 
  • Taking advantage of impulse buying that allows customers to buy products and services with just a couple of clicks 
  • Specially designed email campaigns combined with fancy templates, videos, images, and logos 
  • Instant business results that develop a sense of urgency and convinces subscribers for taking immediate action

Businesses who are looking forward to starting new companies or expanding over an existing enterprise should ask assistance from IT and technical business consultants for making all the difference. With appropriate tools and resources for the successful management of business emails, we at Terait make it easy for businesses and their offerings to reach customers much more smoothly. Businesses can acknowledge how our Email Marketing Platform in action will benefit their businesses to the best. 

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