Virtual Classroom Solutions

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Deliver a seamless and synchronous collaborative learning experience to your students or employees by partnering with TERAIT's Virtual classroom solutions. A digital replica of the training room and classroom, virtual classrooms support instructors or trainers for teaching and letting participants/students learn in a face-to-face and real-time environment through internet-enabled technology devices. Brainstorming, business ideation, and group discussions, a lot can happen in real-time. TERAIT's online virtual solutions use technology for supporting the instruction and learning experience. Offering desired flexibility rather than the traditional classroom, these features delivering instruction to audiences at a geographically dispersed location. Enriching with hassle-free rich learning medium instructors and learners can collaborate with other learners and instructors all across the world. This online collaboration incorporates diverse communication tools ranging from chat, open discussion boards, polls, multimedia content to social media. 

Our solutions track attendance quite similar to business training. This enable businesses to train employees, vendors, partners, and customers through standalone applications. Trainees and students can integrate into business websites and also attend the training sessions even when these business stakeholders are on the move. Enabling access to the eLearning material, these solutions also enable participants to attend the live sessions with just a smart-phone, tablet, or laptop.

Features of our next-generation Virtual classroom solutions:


  • Video Conference in HD: Ultra HD audio/video conferencing solution with great resiliency.


  • Session Recording & Playback: Session recording without installation of any other external software or browser plug--ins.


  • Interactive Whiteboards: Delivery of whiteboard that supports drawing tools, LaTEX math equations, shapes & symbols, etc.


  • Wolfram Alpha Integration: Access to researching data & calculation of answers across a wide range of topics.


  • Powerful Moderation Tools: Webcam & microphone access for controlling whiteboard sharing, screen sharing, etc.


  • LaTeX Equation Editor Support: Development and exhibition of complex LaTeX math equations.


  • 'Raise Hand' Feature: Feature that enables hassle-free interaction & collaboration between participants


  • Multiple Language Support: Power to set interface language with just a single click 


  • File Sharing in Chat: Hassle-free file sharing between attendees through the chat window with an automatic preview of image files.

Our varied approaches to Virtual Classroom Solutions: 

Native LMS module 

Our expert professionals drive the development of unified solution that addresses all audience requirements. Enterprises can adopt Learning management system for executing in the scale much better than educational institutions. Surpassing even the most optimistic forecasts, LMS evaluates results and performance for allocating student/trainees with grades. With NMS Module, enterprises can track the progress of the students, incentivize positive outcomes, and make adjustments if pupils are underperforming. Automating evaluation process, our Native LMS Modules keep student records organized. Our expert programmers and developers drive development of virtual classroom software with built-in functionalities and capabilities of data organization and measurement. 


While the development of Virtual classroom software, it is required a set of API's for third party connectivity. During each phase of educational/business organizations implementation, it requires extra coding. This makes it work with the external applications, already in use. This is the quickest and the cheapest way when considering product development, if not considered will be taken as a significant drawback for the end-users and integrators. 

Full Third Party Solutions Integration

This approach contrary to API's supports users for synchronizing with any learning management system from the desired list of supported solutions. This requires no coding and having this option in the software solution allows users to enjoy a convenient graphic interface that enables them for connecting two applications in a few simple steps along with the credentials. Much visible and simple, UX development when compared with the other back-end operations associated with these applications. 

All these above-said options do exclude the usage of others. Getting the advantage of both the LMS module and the ability for connecting with the other third-party applications through APIs or full synchronization will be the best option. While considering extra features, businesses and educational institutions must consider their budget extensively. Terait's offerings are driven by the notion that every feature that is incorporated into the solution will be working intact much before the launch. Our solutions are also flexible for fully-fledged integrations along with the third-party software that can be built over this foundation, side by side with the product's updates roadmap.

Following are the functionalities of our Virtual Classroom Solutions:

Defining the core features of a virtual classroom application, we give ample attention to incorporating desired functionalities along with it. The education process is the transfer of theoretical & practical knowledge, skill, and experience from teachers to students/trainee's education training. Educational institutions and businesses are the stakeholders of the second line as they would be only responsible for the management of schooling/training. Developing portals for clients, our offerings enable them to check routine activities parallel with the feature specifically tailored for their role. These applications are aimed at supporting clients with appropriate tools that are said to be effective as it is possible. These video and audio conferencing features that are incorporated into every virtual class software will allow participants with tutors/business presenters to have overall control over the group video chat. Other participants will have limited functionality such as muting themselves and leaving the call. 

The tutors or presenters will be supported with the capability for muting any conference and exclude any user at any point in time. The application of video and audio conferencing, drives live quiz, interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, and all other controls for tutors/presenters, students/trainees, and many others. Enabling the learning process, these applications will have other features ranging from post-attendee questionnaires, automated mailing of the learning materials, class video recording, etc. 


TERAIT's virtual classroom solutions will have the following functionalities incorporated into virtual classroom software as per the requirement of the educational institution and the business:

Video and Audio

Virtual classrooms are impossible without the quality video/audio, as these capabilities make the basis of any virtual learning. The high-end requirements, software equipment along extra functionality differentiates visual classroom solutions from normal video-conferencing solutions. Tutors will have complete control over the class and all comprehensive tools required for student engagement, making the learning process much smoother, closer to reality and in most cases make it better. Tutors will also have special permissions for muting particular participants or disable videos for blocking any kind of distractions. Our experts are forged to develop a quality video connection and it's integration with all desired features irrespective of the complexity of the audio and video requirements. 

Screen Sharing

This is a mandatory requirement for classroom software development as the trainees or students won't have the liberty of downloading the necessary file every time and follow accordingly. Effective learning requires appropriate and advanced screen sharing, where the specific application windows will be demonstrated on a portion of the screen. This allows sharing different types of files ranging from animated presentations, videos, or large-size files irrespective of the uploading time. 

Collaborative whiteboard

Our solutions are developed parallel with the learning process that comes along with a lot of collaboration, group activities, and brainstorming. With collaborative digital whiteboards that deliver impressive results of supporting trainees and tutors can type, draw, delete and blank the whiteboard without any limitation to size restrictions. This enables a real-life alike whiteboard experience that encourages collaboration and visualization of discussing videos. For eliminating all kinds of compatibility issues, our solutions will be available on any device as well as on the web allowing real-time syncing.

Live Quiz

The functionality of live quizzes is an efficient way for tracking student information retainment from a particular course or training. Time to time checking of knowledge allows tutors for supporting weak students or trainees and drive encouragement. Our team of specialists develops and shares quiz forms such as multiple-choice, true/false, drag & drop, sequence, matching, surveys, polls, or essays quickly and easily. Incorporating these quizzes into the Learning Management system, tutors can track the performance of students/trainees. 


Recording of teaching sessions is a practical notion that reimburses the educational value for supporting teacher's performance, course, students or trainee's performance, course/training attendance, etc. This also ensures accessibility and optimization of learning opportunities. Enabling tutors to share such records will assist students in attending the lesson they have missed due to illness or emergencies. This will also assist students in totally focus on the presentation rather than making individual notes. 

Live Notes

Building a virtual classroom platform for students or trainees support them for actively learn and participate in open discussions that are completed along with summaries and outlined action items. Broadcasting the live notes and supporting their automatic saving, our solutions deliver both teachers and specific participants editing access. These will also support them for downloading live notes as PDF's too.

Learning materials sharing and creation

Our Virtual classroom solutions give participants easy access to learning materials and its proper management. With strict compliance with government regulations, our files are encrypted, secure, and available to authorized users. Assigned participants will be free for accessing, viewing, editing, uploading, or downloading learning materials such as documents, presentations, audios, videos, images, and spreadsheets. This works great for structuring all data respective to the wide array of files, topics, sources, course sections, etc. With personalized cabinets, tutors can develop their desired learning materials. 

Calendar and Email integrations

We incorporate our virtual classroom solutions with suitable functional integrations that assist in arranging class schedules, assign session dates and times, acknowledge the participants, and report participants with automatic reminders through email. Supporting management and efficient time planning, businesses and can eliminate unwanted confusion as teachers and students receive course schedules concerning the time-zones. 


Following are the services TERAIT cater under virtual classroom solutions/maintenance and up-gradation: 


Virtual classroom software development 

TERAIT's virtual classroom solutions have accessibility across a wide variety of supported devices, platforms, and even possess the ability for working in networks that come along with the limited bandwidth. While developing classroom software with the skillful application of cloud platform technology foundation, we ensure our solutions to be scalable, easily customized, modular and provide ample support throughout all screens. Enabling Participants/Students with the power for accessing it over desktops, laptops, tablets, and their phones, these solutions are flexible for supporting high-load platforms ranging from screen sharing to video conferencing capabilities. Our native desktop software applications will also have compatibility for Mac, PC, Android, iOS, and Web.


MVP specifications

When planning the development of virtual classroom software, it is critical for familiarizing how and where to start and acquire a wide target audience effectively at a reasonable price. With the aforementioned approach backed with a web-based solution, businesses and educational institutions can launch on varied devices which has ambient web browser support. Mobile users can access learning materials such as class recordings and Live quizzes that smoothens the training/ learning process with a higher engagement rate. With sufficient user-based native mobile applications, businesses can enjoy an improved experiencing of eLearning platforms. 
With well-established technology solutions, TERAIT can deliver businesses and educational institutions with real-time web communications assisting developers in building efficient web applications and powerful communication solutions, where users can stream live videos with web browsers. 

Our solutions are available on every browser as well as iOS and Android app development platform. Delivering API for ensuring access to the device's microphone and cameras, opening connections, and initiating streaming, we make sure users won't have to download local clients such as Zoom or Skype. Participants are only required for considering preventive measures such as elimination of technical issues such as unstable Internet connection, video quality losses, etc.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Solutions

  • 24/7 access to coursework, irrespective of time or place as per suitable business schedules through laptops or other digital devices
  • Hassle free and asynchronous student tutor interactions for student support services, feedbacks, and access of test grades.
  • Participants will have the freedom for choosing the best time for participation depending on their wn schedules 
  • Students/trainees can save hours of commutting back and forth to classes and their homes
  • Collaboration of different perspectives business cultures, attitudes, and problem-solving approaches for each problems and opportunities.
  • Quicker test feedbacks for students and trainees for appropriate checking for improvement
  • Upgraded digital skills for productive using of interactive online tools such as online tests, drop boxes for homework, collaboration tools, e-mail communications 

Why outsource your virtual classroom solutions to TERAIT?

  • Team of well qualified and experiecened engineers. technicians, data analysts, software engineers.
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • 10+ experience in catering to Virtual Classroom Solution requirements
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.

With multimedia routing, businesses can garner efficiency in video transactions with the practice of rendering video directly from the tutor's devices to the students. For eliminating the chances of quality loss and for setting proper adjustments, our procedures involve multi-bitrate encoding. Thus this feature enables access even with limited bandwidth and saves internet traffic. 

We believe businesses and educational institutions that use video communication solutions are different but all of them have to meet user requirements. But it is also critical for differentiating user roles and caters extra functionalities for tutors. These functionalities give tutors complete in charge of the online class by empowering them to turn off student microphones, addition/disconnect participants, and separation of chats to comments. All these functionalities maximize learning experiences within the virtual classroom. 

TERAIT hails from its experience in developing learning/virtual classroom solutions. It requires cumbersome planning and efficient development tools for the achievement of final goals. With comprehensive analysis and the right development specifications, we estimate virtual classroom software cost by breaking down the functionality and evaluating the time for implementation of each of its features. 

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