IT Audio-Visual Solutions

IT Audio-Visual Solutions

Collaborate distributed, global and multi-cultural workforces together with TERAIT's efficient audio-video technology solutions for transforming business operations to the next level. TERAIT's IT Audio-Visual Solutions can transform how businesses how they do their business. Working side-by-side with customers, we enable businesses for connecting, collaborating, and working together for applying media-rich and immersive solutions. As the technology of Audio and Visual expands quickly, digital set-ups are required for upgrading analog systems and network-based solutions for effective communication. This kind of transition requires an ideal audio/visual service provider for upholding thorough knowledge of Information technology. As a leading IT Audio Visual Service provider, we recognize changes ahead of others positioning us for catering to advanced solutions in digital media, control systems, video conferencing, webcasting, network operating centers, and unified communications. Properly integrating audio/visual technology solutions, our offerings eliminate lest, delays, user distraction that disorients users ultimately affecting their decision-making process. Enabling business workforces for working together in the optimum productive approach, we encourage business workforces for feeling completely natural without intruding on technology and letting innovative notions flow. Offering a comprehensive package of strategic consultancy, design excellence, project management, customized programming, and technology integration whatever it may AV, IT, or Hybrid Solutions. Our team of engineers, technicians, and IT audio/video specialists are trained in high-end technology and upcoming solutions. Thus we make sure enrichment and up-gradation of skills required for designing and installation of top-notch and state of art professional audio and video solutions. 


Following are the IT audio/visual solutions we offer:

Video Conferencing

We believe revolutionized video conference technology for enabling businesses to converse with people across the world in an instant, saving time and money. Small business, corporate & government institutions, education, or even healthcare organizations enable AV video conferencing for face-to-face interaction through productive meetings, at varied locations. Designing an error-free video conferencing system, our specialized video conferencing consultants will commit to hardware and installation of unique business requirements. With optimum video reception and quality, our corporate video conferencing system solutions offer comprehensive installation, integration, bridging, and support services. Our well-experienced team of video conferencing consultants, engineers, programmers, and specialist installers works side by side for the installation of seamless video conferencing systems.

Collaboration Systems

Designing, integrating, and supporting collaborative systems, our experts smoothen teamwork and cater to IT organizations with appropriate resources for optimum productivity. We collaborate skillfully with the groupware, internet, extranet, and other network support for comprehensive IT enterprise-wide communications. Combining software applications, video conferencing capabilities, documents, and effective workflow management, we ensure the design and implementation of work systems for value chains, organization networks, web-based and cross-functional teams with appropriate information and high-end communication technology. Thus our media platforms ensure the facilitation of distance learning and research. 

Terait's collaborative system solutions enable businesses for sharing documents, images, and materials for heightening collaboration. These also maximize the overall clarity of IT organizations. Irrespective of the location, professionals can connect through voice, video, and data for accelerating business results. Taking complex systems and smoothening on how to handle them, we bring together a much engaged and productive team. Maximizing the efficiency of teamwork and productivity with skillful collaborative technology tools, our support merges ideas and people irrespective of geographical location. 

Control Systems

We specialize in programming intuitive touch panel interfaces for simplifying user interaction. Maintaining professional training from AMX, Crestron, Extron, etc our certified programmers hold additional certifications from authorized institutions such as InfoComm as certified technology specialists. Designing rooms, promoting usage, and maximizing business investment, our sophisticated control systems simplify multi-tasking and facility efficiency in terms of lighting, shade control, input-switching, display systems, and camera adjustments. Scheduling business spaces for using, our control system solutions track maintenance requirements, cater security alerts and deliver diagnostics on impending breakdowns for averting failures. Realizing key energy savings, our control systems solutions also schedule rooms for use, track maintenance requirements, provide all kinds of security alerts, and cater diagnostics efforts over impending breakdowns for averting failures. 
Ensuring the extension of equipment and project lamp lifespans, our solutions ensure key energy savings through consumption tracking and optimum usage. While developing control systems, our programs study the functionality each room requires. Trained and certified for meeting any niche of latest capabilities, our programmers attend to each element of design & installation and compliance requirements. With the optimum return of investment, our control system solutions cater results that businesses require. Working side by side with in-house professionals through the reliable and flexible central command interface, we ensure hassle-free assistance throughout business environments. Letting businesses simplify users and complex AV or IT system interaction, we incorporate intuitive touch panel interfaces. These friendly touch panel layouts maximize the efficiency of business facilities by developing clean, functional, attractive, and user-friendly touch panel solutions. Our Programming Services include touch panel/user interface design and layout, control system programming, system installation, and commissioning, scheduling system setup, outlook interface, notes, and Google calendars, Skype For Business, user training, helpdesk support, remote system monitoring for maintenance and support and on-site service. 

Video walls

Tiling together TVs, screens, or monitors for multi-screen displays, our video wall solutions maximize user-engagement. We design video wall systems and service package for IT applications for including remote support, content development, content management, data storage, and network management. Such a comprehensive plan helps broadcasting messages much quickly and efficiently, from a centralized location. Our Video Wall Systems fits best for wayfinding and directional assistance convention centers and trade shows, digital menu displays, digital signage, broadcasts, corporate & internal communications, user-driven RFID, promotion boards, healthcare, retail, hospitality, near field communication (NFC), and graphic designing.

IT Services

Skilled and experienced in merging digital media and information systems, we help the IT department for integrating the next generation of network communication. Our certified network engineers work for designing, configuring, implementing, and supporting IT businesses through both wired and wireless technologies. Accelerating each business organization's growth, our unified communications team deploys the latest IT services from Microsoft, Cisco, and others, independently or side-by-side with the room integration strategy. Developing creative solutions, our dedicated software engineers blend their extensive experience in building custom access control systems, UC platforms, surveillance design solutions, and cohesive plans around for IT operations.

Microsoft Teams

Formerly termed as skype for businesses, Microsoft Teams helps businesses for keeping track of contacts' schedules, sending instant messages, start to join a conference, or esses making phone calls via a consistent interface that fully integrates with the Microsoft Office Suite.
Compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile such solutions also goes with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Catering users with real-time information including photos, availability, & location, the Microsoft teams will also assist them with instant messaging capabilities. These also support users for easy development, moderation, and joining of pre-planned and on-the-fly audio, video, and web meetings with other external and internal parties. Pairing with Microsoft Teams Server, Microsoft Teams blends telephony features of a traditional IP PBX, IM, and conferencing for hassle-free communication and minimum overall costs. Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with Microsoft suite for a consistent and familiar user experience across computers, browsers, telephones, and mobile devices. Microsoft Teams can empower businesses for starting conversations with IM, voice, or video calls. They also can check anyone's availability for meetings and presentations. Microsoft meetings ensure industrial-strength security for business meetings and support businesses to broadcast online for larger audiences. 


Setting and precisely configuring furniture such as cabinets, multi-media carts, conference tables, podiums, lecterns, and digital signage display stands for AV/IT hardware. We partner with high-end furniture brands for incorporating maximum performance and reliability. Utilizing specialized products, pieces of equipment are secured and stored for professionals grade functionality. Safeguarding items with locking mechanisms and are properly venting for technology components, our AV/IT items of furniture are high quality, durable, ergonomic, and accommodates ADA requirements & are build parallel to standards for keeping optimum quality. Partnering with preferred vendor partners, our packaged furniture solutions are designed for optimum functionality and sophistication with straight-forward choices. We let businesses acknowledge a variety of choices for enhancing spaces and integrating with technology investment. 

Telephony Solutions

Merging voice, data, video, and text over internet providers, is an effective and affordable approach for advancing communication requirements. 
Integrating voice communications over an enterprise network, telephony solutions when applied to multiple communication networks integrate Polycom and AudioCodes Gateways, conference phones, video phones, and video conferencing systems along with Microsoft Lync for catering cost-effective and rich communication systems. This results in a clear collaboration solution that includes a broader feature set along with increased capabilities, side-by-side with a traditional telephone. Integrating feature-rich phone systems and telephony via Microsoft Lync for flexible enterprise solutions, our telephony services attend to extensive analysis and consulting, system designing and integration, enterprise-wide deployment, cater telephone and online support, on-site services, and service agreements.

Unified Communications

Unifying complex communications with the integration of a single enterprise solution, we put forward a consistent and collaborative experience for instant messaging, email, voice, and video sharing. Our technicians implement computer systems for integrating Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and other Microsoft applications. Installing room-based HD video and collaboration for point-to-point, or multi-party video calls, we combine room-based, multi-point audio, and video conferencing systems with content for capturing, streaming, and execution of management solutions. Incorporating telephone handsets, speakerphones, and video-phones to Microsoft Teams or other cloud-based solutions, we integrate large-format touch screens and interactive whiteboards into a cohesive and collaborative call. Connecting all such elements under a unified control system we allow collaborative annotation over shared data and Microsoft Teams-based meeting room management. Our Unified Communications Services Include Microsoft Teams consulting and setup, Remote support, System design, and engineering, System installation, User training, Telephone & online support, On-site service, and service agreements.


We integrate Polycom and AudioCodes Gateways, conference phones, video phones, and video conferencing systems directly into Microsoft Lync for delivering a cost-effective and rich communication system. Implementing Telemedicine per video conferencing for real-time consultations, mobile video carts along with integrated PCs, tablet & mobile device infrastructure, HIPPA-compliant security encryption, networked & point-to-point centers, and custom-designed AV training rooms, image acquisition cameras & peripherals, workflow, and scheduling management services. Our telemedicine offerings nurture efficiency in healthcare businesses by ensuring real-time collaboration and remote care with minimum barriers. Helping patients for discussing evolving conditions, and driving improvement of relationships with their doctors, such systems require specialized infrastructure for effective storage and data transferring parallel with HIPAA compliance throughout secure internal and external communication. Thus our telemedicine offerings can cut down costs and enhance patient experiences throughout end-to-end Healthcare AV systems.

Presentation Sound

Professionals demand a real-time experience for viewing stats, graphics, video, instant-replays, and chances. Our technology solutions make it easier for competitive demanding and business-oriented for distributing the sound. With experienced & skilled engineering efforts and performance standards at business requirements disposal, we help organizations to achieve vocal clarity and intelligible sound coverage. Our efforts assist businesses in adapting to varying requirements of crowd decibels, dead spots, and other elements. Through robust designs along with these thoughtful details, our uniquely skilled and experienced professionals deliver conference & presentation sound and display for IT and educational institutions. We help them bring distributed sound systems with acoustic analysis, sound Pressure level, frequency, reverberation measures, acoustic modeling, and design consulting & engineering. We design service packages for business applications including remote support, content development, content management, data storage, and network management through comprehensive plans that drive the broadcasting of business messages much quickly and efficiently from a centralized location. 

Security and Access Control

Through comprehensive evaluation of security and access control solutions for IT business, it's critical for considering the plans they should safeguard. The necessity of businesses upgrades or institutes security that video footage gives solutions for queries for an on-site accident, injury, or break-ins. Safeguarding sensitive items, business information, or areas of corporate facilities alongside access control, our solutions can give businesses peacefullness. 

Capturing day-to-day business operations and understanding errors with inventory shrinkage or employee activity, our security and access control solutions assist businesses in identifying greater risks for helping businesses to the best. Studying business requirements thoroughly we address each one of them. We have developed video surveillance capabilities for businesses by incorporating advanced features and access control for adding up levels of protection and more diversified choices. Helping businesses guide through the extensive decision-making process for finding the ideal security solution setup for IT businesses, we ensure capabilities through result-oriented approaches of technology selection, system interoperability, and project deployment. Working side by side with businesses we evaluate key considerations for compiling a complete security solution along with the technology, infrastructure, and technical support required. Our comprehensive Security and Access Control Solution system includes video cameras for watchdogging discreet products for sensitive environments in high definition quality, system software and panels for controlling exit & access, and credentials & readers for identifying accessing with positive authentication. 

Businesses should understand how audio and visual solutions are increasing in demand at an exponential rate for making themselves applicable and achievable for recent advancements in technology. The application of and achievement of recent advancements in technology are assisting businesses with integrated audio-visual solutions and extenuating local and remote team members for meeting the ease of video and audio conferencing with simultaneous application of collaborative tools for sharing ideas and content. Our Audiovisual systems incorporate digital content for relaying expressive messages and marketing for clients in a much easily configured and revisable format.


Benefits of IT Audio/Video Solutions

  • Minimum Operational Cost and time by supporting businesses for communicating through photographs, videos, diagrams, and graphs.
  • Integration of newer recruits for appropriate tasks and ensuring of their capabilities and wavelengths
  • Quicker and cost effective processing of information
  • Easy remembering of production processes eliminating all costly errors
  • Acknowledgement and training of employees over fire and safety policies, emergency procedures, product quality and health compliance, and sexual harassment.

Why outsource your IT Audio/Video solution requirements to TERAIT?

  • Team of well experinced and qualified IT Audio/Video solution specialists
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • 10+ experience in catering to Data Center service requirements
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking

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