IT Networking Services

IT Networking Services

Streamline inter-company networking and maximize productivity with TERAIT's IT network services which optimizes connectivity and ensures permissions. We believe computer systems to be the heart of modern businesses. But do your systems have the best office network which makes up how these systems are driven? TERAITs strong and robust IT Network solutions give businesses appropriate control over computer systems and authorized access for onsite and remote workers. Modern hardware when installed correctly and effectively configured for optimum operational performance, businesses must not fail over choosing the appropriate software or its regular updates. This where Terait steps in. 

Guiding businesses on which network software to be used, our professionals will install them correctly and configure them appropriately for optimum performance. Updating such network software from time-to-time, we ensure businesses to not miss innovative features and patch any security problems. TERAIT's IT networking services let businesses focus on their day-to-day mundane business activities so that businesses can do best whatever they do the best. 

Our IT Networking Services are as follows:

Wireless LAN Services

IT organizations require appropriate and differential building blocks for enterprise Wireless LAN. User/Device density in office environments is higher when compared with Factory or Manufacturing units. Our Wireless LAN planning is a trade-off between Coverage & Speed. Driving optimal usage of a scarce resource of power radiation, frequency channels, and Antenna gains, we ensure optimum results. Analyzing and planning implementation, we ensure wireless access to enterprises. Developing an innovative and unified wireless solutions facility for IT offices, campuses, and factories we ensure best practices for assessing infrastructure, RF Environment, mapping out access points, placement, and alignment for ensuring how well a WLAN performs. Testing and documenting WLAN design that consists of systems and solutions we ensure the facilitation of faster, reliable, and predictable user deployments. Starting with proper wireless site surveying for the compilation of the optimal locations for WAPs we cut down channel interference, optimize the range and throughput. Our Wireless LAN services cater enterprise-class Wireless Lan solution and service, plans Wireless including RF Survey, BOQ, Documentation, etc, solution delivery as per customer requirements and comprehensive solutions for building strong WLAN infrastructure.
Examining, fitting, and altering issues on the WLAN environment, we deliver single point service facilities and multi-vendor configuration. Attending to hardware, software, up-gradation, re-installation, repairs, etc, our commitments also lead to managed WLAN Infrastructure and Wireless LAN networking solutions. Through consultative approaches, our translation services will lead to maximum customer satisfaction and quicker reaction time. Supporting businesses to maintain a lower maintenance budget, we provide additional add-ons, peripherals, installations, upgrades, etc.

Application Services

Our architects build robust, versatile, and flexible software applications for their Clients. Our application enhancement services empower clients for meeting changing innovation & technological challenges and adoption of changing business requirements. Our comprehensive capacities and broad-industry experience over application development have enabled us to offer a suite of services for web & client-server applications and modernization of legacy applications and expansions. With extensive expertise over vendor-specific as well as homegrown frameworks and best practices, we assist clients in accomplishing key IT Automations and business destinations. Our inventive and experienced software engineers and experts are capable of delivering solutions that help businesses in getting business outcomes from their IT expenditures. Our capabilities include customized-application and Web/Mobile Applications, business strategy consultation, industry-specific solutions, portable application improvement, middleware expertise, and device Interfaces.

Application Support and Maintenance

We are acknowledged of organizations of subjective changes and challenges over everyday business operations. With each business growing, applications must be able to keep pace with it. Enhancement of applications is the need of the hour, but the changes in versions and the fixes that come along with the production system is another challenge for management. As essential components application support and maintenance improves and broadens the life of applications. Through a thorough arrangement of structures, demonstrated strategies; ITIL/ISO consistent procedures we drive client's businesses for achieving enhanced operational efficiency and minimum expenses. This will also ensure the maximum longevity of applications and value realization over the investment already made. Catering application support over varying levels of severity, we also provide application support based on the architecture, support over pre-production, testing, and staging requirements. We also provide configuration & engineering support and involve business-driven applications by end-to-end support over customer enhancements.

IT Field Services

Covering multiple domains, technologies, and device complexities, our experts cater to businesses with exceptional operational flexibility for suiting any niche of requirements. Delivering every device from desk-side IP devices to Gateway Devices for small offices to large corporates, from startups to Multi-location setups, on-call support to a full-time resource, we customize IT field services as per current business requirements and scale as per requirements. Our IT Field Services cater 24/7 Field Services, annual hardware maintenance contracts, service desk operations, end-user supports, server/storage, and On-call/On-Site Support, short-time support contracts, contingent Staffing, Large scale roll-outs, help desk operations, asset management, remote monitoring & support, Infrastructure services provisioning, application deployment, re-location services, disk erasure/retirement services, the establishment of correct IT security, authorization, archiving & disaster recovery policies, hardware & software administration and continuous monitoring and updating of all kinds of software versions.


With time-to-time monitoring and spam control within premise infrastructure, we also cater up-to-date assistance in dealing with computing acquisition by considering worth, quality, and development of procurement plans and keeping parallel with approved frameworks. We offer Project Management Services for IT and IT infrastructure service requirements. Working side-by-side with IT organizations, we drive successful completion of key project constituents for aggressive progression towards successful project completion.

Our Project Management Services comprises project development, Scheduling, and Planning, program documentation for scopes and goals project Categorization, critical-Level, and descriptive network-based schedules, task identification, risk management, supplier, conformity & pre-assessment auditing, quality and quantity inspections, stakeholder meetings, vendor & procurement management, effect & cost management, resource planning & cost estimation, skill management project development, scheduling, and planning, schedule and effort variance tracking, automated time tracking and billing, project cost and overrun tracking, value engineering, project task, and activity management, defect management, and invoicing. 

Networking Services

Our wide range of networking service portfolio incorporates Information Security, Identify and Access Management administration, Network Security, Managed Security Services which ensure crosswise examination over differentiated products, innovation, compliance, and requirements of any Industry niches. Pioneering the infrastructure security domain, we commit to quality delivery and join forces approach between clients and partners for firewall Management, vulnerability assessment, security assessment, and auditing, security framework consulting, infrastructure security management, antivirus, anti-spam management, authentication management, end-user protection management, OEM Support based, security project management, incident monitoring support, endpoint security services, onsite support services, networking services and black box networking. Our competencies ensure the identification of threats, secure management, and protection of customer data. We offer assistance over the identification of the incoming and outgoing network traffic, multi internet link management, VPN secured tunneling, authentication & bandwidth management, antivirus, anti-spyware management, web application firewall management, web filtering and application-layer visibility and management.

Structured Cabling

Our IT network services commit to the fundamental component of IT infrastructure that is the medium for communication. We are a leading structured cabling company which offers ion Wireless Infrastructure, that helps clients for building IT infrastructure with copper and fiber as well. We have gained vast experience over structured cabling by designing, planning, executing, and sustaining campus-wide networks and data centers. The media constitutes the most crucial element in the Wired Network and should be subjected to adequate care for ensuring the satisfaction of IT infrastructure users. This will increase the cost to the Organisation in terms of downtime and slower networks.

Designing and deploying network infrastructure, our technicians and engineers execute wired & wireless networks, install the system and high-performance cables, structured network cabling solutions, infrastructure documentations, and feasibility reporting, site infrastructure auditing/recommendation reporting, VOIP Cabling & Installation, network cabling & installation, structured cabling, voice & data cabling, CAT 6 cabling, fiber optic Cabling, design, planning, project management, and value engineering. Performing cabling installations and non-ducted premises, our structured cabling service builds backbone connections. Moving, adding, and shifting to existing cabling infrastructure. Patching cables and looking onto patch panel installations, our expert professionals will also attend to telephone cabling, AV installation, and configuration. 

Backing up with an unrivaled field of force of talented and skilled engineers worldwide, Terait provides clients with everything businesses require for deploying the global networking solutions quite simply and cost-effectively. Surveying the sites, installing, providing break-fixing support, and hardware replacement Terait engineers support business operations irrespective of location. Leveraging extensive knowledge over local rules, regulations, and business environments for providing a comprehensive range of qualitative high-quality services.

Benefits of Networking Services


  • Strengthened business connections with regular engagements and reciprocal assistance of achievement of goals

  • Innovative ideas with appropriate information sharing, experiences and goals

  • Better business profiles for visibility through professional and social events for building reputation to be knowledgable, reliable snd supportive  

  • Greater oppurtunities for exchange of practical knowledge and best business techniques

  • Better expert advices and supports 

  • Development of long-lasting personal relationships

Why outsource your IT Networking Services to TERAIT?

  • Team of well experinced and qualified IT Neworking specialists

  • Faster, easier and much economical services

  • 10+ experience in catering to IT Networking requirements

  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices

  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 

  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 

  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking


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