Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Maximize the quality, efficiency, and profitability of business service offerings compiled from the performance and reliability of the data center infrastructure of TERAIT's Datacenter solutions. Working side-by-side with MSPs and their partners, we deliver tension-free and cost-effective data center infrastructure solutions. Blending superior infrastructure solutions and value-added services with a variety of data center technologies, TERAIT's Data Center Services supports businesses in not only accessing technologically high-end physical facilities that are applied for storage and process of business-critical information. Providing support of best-in-class professionals we help businesses in maximizing IT system efficiency. Our network system solutions have expanded across a multitude of industry verticals to guarantee the optimum level of security and performance. By opting TERAIT's Data Center Services which are available both as hosting and clouding models, we deliver complete transparency and price-quality ownership for driving optimum business results. 

TERAIT's Data Center solutions we deliver are as follows:

Big Data and Analytics

Businesses can now achieve desired and predictable outputs and latencies for even extensively large applications. Our servers cater to exceptional performance, scalability, and availability for business operations irrespective of the degree of complexity. Business data develops itself as a foundation of digital business. Our unified computing systems when integrated with business infrastructures is affirmative for driving businesses future towards victory. Our Big Data and Analytics boost staff productivity and improves big data and analytics solution performance. Driving efficiencies throughout the IT operations, such solutions can also be effective enough for creating a competitive edge by increasing the time for marketing. 

UCS Integrated Infrastructure 

Transform business operations into an out-of-the-box performance that ensures quick and efficient delivery. TERAIT's UCS integrated infrastructure is designed for the flexibility that works for both medium, small and large business requirements. Our integrated infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics works with our notion of enterprise-level deployment. Offering comprehensive solutions along with industry-leading brand partnerships, our easy-to-order packages attend to connectivity, storage, computing, and unified management features. Controlling deployment, performance, and cost of ownership, our reference architectures are subjected to thorough designing, optimization, and testing against industry best big data software distributions. Ensuring all this allows businesses for achieving a balance of performance and capacity for addressing industry-specific application requirements. Businesses can also deploy such configurations for using them as templates for the development of custom configurations. Scaling these solutions as per workload requirement with series switches, businesses can enjoy flexibility par any challenges. 

Unified Computing System

Our unified computing systems are aimed at fine-tuning of business environments for supporting unique business needs over big data and analytics. Powering all business data-intensive workloads to centrally channeled, managed, and highly scalable systems. Transforming IT organizations, our UCS blends industry-standard, x86-architecture servers alongside networking and storage access for a uni-channel system that maximizes productivity and cuts down the total cost of ownership. Simplifying systems management, our solutions will cater to the benefits of SaaS management and proactive support for UCS and Hyperflex. Tackling graphics-intensive apps, our solutions help businesses against challenges with IDC and extensively study how to solve them. With our UCS systems backing up, businesses can also accelerate SAP modernization and migration efforts. 


Unified Fabric Architecture 

Our professional data center engineers design physical, virtual, and cloud environments for integrating with servers, storage, and orchestration platforms for optimized efficient operational performance and scalability. Providing high-density and high-performance solutions for the most demanding data center and cloud center environments, we ensure our client's businesses grow. With a data center that has the capability of scaling for varying network traffic and users businesses can eliminate the instances for compromising sustainability, scalability, and manageability. 

TERAIT's Data center architectures support any number of ports by scaling for addressing evolving business requirements with optimum agility and investment dollars. Trumping against traditional networking layers, we adopt suitable architectures for large-scale environments. With highly interactable networks, our solutions will benefit businesses with high resiliency and low latency. Supporting business operations alongside a robust control plane, quicker convergence, and flexible deployment models, our standardized fabric architecture will drive data centers for becoming multi-cloud-ready. Through an effective management platform, we help businesses in simplifying data center operations and ensure effective management of network resources as a unified and cohesive infrastructure. 
TERAIT's solutions enable businesses to easily manage data center infrastructure. Catering intent-driven automation deployment side-by-side with robust monitoring, we ensure operation enabling businesses automation, management, and monitoring of data center fabric. Our customized data center architecture enables businesses to easy management of physical data center infrastructure with intent-driven automation and robust monitoring for result-assured business operation, enabling businesses for automation, management, and monitoring of data center fabric.

Unified Management

Terait's unified management solutions for Big Data ensure automation of Hadoop deployment over our own Big Data infrastructure solutions. Assisting IT operations with a unified management pane across both physical infrastructure and Hadoop software namely. For automating data center management, we infuse a multitude of auto-discovery tools for virtual, physical, or network infrastructures. Applying effective REST APIs for integrating alongside other tools, we ensure keeping accurate data center documentation.

Digital technology is gaining importance over the years and data management is shaping itself as a significant matter for the determination of business effectiveness. We help businesses with the transformation, execution, and optimization of their data centers. With the extensive experience, our offerings have seasoned over the years. Our comprehensive and unified data center management solutions involve the hosting of the system management and development of a well-planned infrastructure environment. Assisting businesses with redesigning data center infrastructure and arranging production amount as per business outcomes, we assist clients in realizing the comprehensive possibility of investment. Through unified data center management, we manage and control business data center environments with custom-made technologies and scalable infrastructure solutions for business needs.Our unified data management competencies help data centers to maintain high proficiencies and ensure businesses data centers maintain proficiency by staying parallel with the frameworks as per industry standards and execute & maintain well modernized and planned labs. Our well facilitated, planned, transformational, and well-organized operations for optimum efficiency over businesses, we help clients in improving efficiency, business scalability, and privacy.

Validated System Designing

Simplify and accelerate Gen-next data center design projects with our Validated System Design Support. We let businesses choose the optimal data center design as per their required business requirements. Every data center comes with unique parameters and requirements. Identifying the best-in-class data center design for IT facility, we optimize and efficient operations at every level. Businesses can choose appropriate data center design with a thorough understanding of key attributes and performance attributes. Our validated data center system design solutions are optimum level and conceptual plans for data center physical infrastructure systems. Enabling rapid and accuracy in early planning decisions, our expert data center engineers and analysts will ensure a quicker data center design phase with confidence. Our validated system designing comprises of summary, electrical one-lines, piping diagrams, floor layouts, and an equipment list.

Benefits of Data Centers


  • Minimizing the impact of a power disaster or failure solving technological and natural power outages, eliminating data loss
  • Secure data storage methods avoiding the risk of data loss
  • Loss of costs for power outages and other disturbances
  • Immune to power spikes and electrical disturbances
  • Minimization of power and cooling costs
  • Improved efficiency eliminating the power levels with strict guidelines and monitoring process

Why outsource your Data center service requirements?

  • Team of well experinced and qualified Data Center specialists
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • 10+ experience in catering to Data Center service requirements
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.

Sustainability, stability, security- TERAIT offers data center solutions across the comprehensive spectrum for the implementation of Datacenter infrastructure that comprises requisite servers, storage, networking, and security appliances, operating systems, and system software. Our data center solutions are derived from certified technical expertise and experience. Through holistic approaches, we deliver and manage data center solutions whatever it may be on-premise, cloud-based, or long term. TERAIT's approach for catering to client business needs spans through the entire lifecycles. We serve client requirements holistically and with the optimum efficacy with carefully nurtured strategic relationships with industry leaders such as CISCO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nutanix, Microsoft Amazon Web Services, etc. 

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