Auditorium Solutions

Auditorium Solutions

Take advantage of best-in-class technology Auditorium solutions from TERAIT for ensuring smooth and easy presentation. Blending solutions from top audio, video, lighting, and control brands, we ensure that businesses and organizations can support their presenters in being seen, hear and feel by the audiences along with the video and control solutions, ensuring appropriate display. Auditorium spaces require timely adjustments from one location to another in the sound mix, lighting, video switching, and other settings. Take an extra step with us for adjusting AV settings from anywhere with just a single touch over the mobile device. We cater our offerings to the entertainment and enterprise markets with complete auditorium solutions for a complete range of applications. We ensure designing, manufacturing, and delivering best-in-class products for a variety of niche clients ranging from tours, cinemas, retails, corporates, government, education, large venue, and hospitality. With one of the best-in-industry team of product development executives we innovate and deliver breathtaking technology solutions for meeting our ever-growing customer requirements. With us, businesses can enjoy highly impacting communication & entertainment systems through a single point of contact.

Following are the subsidiary elements that come under our Auditorium Solutions: 

Solutions for content sharing

Smooth and easy presentations are possible only when the technology is utilized effectively allowing presenters to walk up freely for quick and easy presentations by sharing contents from laptops, tablets, or mobile devices with quite a minimal setup. Terait's audio and lighting solutions make sure presenters are heard and seen all throughout the whole auditorium ensuring a hassle-free display. We use the following best-in-class solutions of high-end brands for making this requirement possible. Content sharing solutions come in varied shapes and sizes and choosing one can be quite a challenge. Our experts guide clients through the basics of their requirements and help them to choose suitable arrangements for their spaces. Thus we support businesses to have a solid understanding of their requirements and strengthen control over their processes. 


Following are the elements we incorporate for ensuring content sharing:

Content sharing devices

The goal of our auditorium solutions is to ensure a smooth and easy presentation with audio, video, lighting, and control equipment. Our Auditorium solutions ensure that presentations happen without any kind of issues. Our audio and lighting solutions support presenters to be seen and heard all over the space, and the video and control solutions check the perfect display of contents. Most speakers are made for specific purposes that should be chosen on the basis of the requirement. The auditorium is used for and what niche of sound they are expected to share. The speaker set for concert auditoriums can be totally different for a lecture or speaking auditorium. When lecturers benefit from small and multi-purpose speakers arranged across the auditorium for even sound distribution, others may require surround-sound or speaker systems that split bass and tenor. 

Music and cinema auditoriums demand large, loud, and complex sound which requires high-power active speakers or amplifiers along with subwoofers, woofers, and tweeters. All these pieces of equipment balance sound and maintain the dynamic across the auditorium. While choosing the systems, businesses should consider the size of the auditorium to compile the power and number of speakers needed for the same. For small rooms, special care should be given for noise-cancellation. When considering large rooms, there are other challenges such as quality maintenance and uniform sound distribution. This requires an efficient speaker set up with a larger number of small speakers.

Our well-engineered speakers incorporate the latest loudspeaker technology with high-performance features, reliability, and systematic approaches. Designed with the notion of every performance requirement, our speaker solutions are up for any challenges. Series Can Lights are bright single-lens LED lighting fixtures that provide a motorized zoom with controllable dimming and strobing effects. These types of lights are also suitable for event lighting and maintenance of proper lighting for video recordings. Digital Media Switcher combines video from a multitude of sources and distributes these signals to multiple displays. With swappable cards, presenters can mix, match and upgrade as per requirements. Switchers come with a built-in control processor for integrated device control.

Digital Switches and Wireless Mics

Auditorium spaces are designed for holding a variety of events, where presenters may have to move the podium as per their choice. This requires multiple AV floor boxes with a single AMX Solecis switcher for minimum cabling back to the central video system. AKG wireless mic solutions support presenters for walking freely around the space. Mic receivers suits both handheld and lavalier microphones. Presenters won't have to hassle for the appropriate combination needed for respective occasions. When our Digital Switchers connect multiple devices to unified output over category cable, it minimizes the cabling to the main video switcher. These digital switchers connect to a local display. Wireless Mics is cost-efficient, high-performance wireless equipment used for distribution that applies ultra-high frequency technology. This minimizes the effects of interference within the building from WIFI, delivering a clear and strong audio signal. 

AV Controlling Devices

Auditorium spaces require technicians manning assistance for making adjustments from other locations rather than from the AV booth. Different locations in the auditorium have varied sound nature and proper adjustment is required for sound mixing, lighting, and video switching. Adjusting other settings with Terait's solutions, technicians can vary AV settings from anywhere with just a mobile device. BYOD Control Product is a secondary control interface that allows technicians for using iOS, Android, or Windows 8 devices for switching video inputs, adjust lights, and more irrespective of the location. Digital Mixing Console is an effective digital mixing board that incorporates BSS® and Lexicon® audio technology for empowering technicians for easy adjusting of volume and development of ideal sound experience irrespective of the space. Network Series Amplifiers maximize performance audio clarity whatever the situation. With quality better than industry standards, our high-performance installation amplifiers can adjust with 2-, 4- and 8-channel models with continuous power up to 4800W handling loads, a minimum of 20 ohms.


Live Streaming solutions

Businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations can hold events by accompanying employees from other offices. With these solutions, businesses can stream events to participants in overflow rooms or at other locations without deterring the network. Empowering employees to join the live stream in conference rooms, our proprietary audio technologies deliver best-in-class sounds for all participants irrespective of the location. The encoder supports businesses for streaming a live event throughout the facility or desired locations across the globe without overwhelming the network. Digital Signal Processor delivers an appropriate sound for every occasion with the application of automatic volume adjustment capabilities that ensures first-grade sound outputs.

Recording Solutions 

Global organizations find it tiresome for delivering presentations which comes with other difficulties such as cost and time consumption. Participants around the globe may or may not have ample time for attending the event due to various constraints. Our recording solutions enable recording events with just a press of a button. Uploading the video to an FTP server enables sharing to everyone regardless of the geography. These recorded sessions will be easily viewed from laptops, tablets, or mobile devices. Enterprise Video Management Software takes care of all recording, archiving, and distribution of presentation recordings for the entire business organization. Managing decoders and IP decoders, these software record video streams, archive videos into an on-demand library and stream recorded & live videos. Control Panels are a single-point control for businesses and organizations all over their technology. Integrating functionalities into a streamlined interface can be much benefitting for uncompromised control over the same. 

Event Signages 

As a medium that communicates employees and reaches them without any hassles, digital signages can catch the attention of viewers. Anyone passing by the entrance to an auditorium space, which is a prime location for corporate communication can acknowledge outsiders with the proceedings. Our display digital signages advertise upcoming business events, benefitting enrollments, guests, and more. Terait's digital signage solutions have the ability for the management of professionals all throughout the global organization. Users can add or update business content from web interfaces without deteriorating other content or the visual nature of the signage. 

Real-time Monitoring and Central Management solutions

IP-based AV systems and software enable IT organizations in cutting down service calls and trouble tickets by staying on top of the functioning of AV systems. Real-Time Monitoring Systems comprises reports, alerts, and dashboards that support IT organizations for monitoring the status of AV systems on a global basis. These solutions also allow technicians for simultaneous and central updating of firmware without moving from their desks. Resource Management suites are on-premise and cloud-based software solutions that support AV or IT technicians for centralized monitoring of AV technology problems starting right from the IT support desk.

Benefits of Auditorium Solutions

  • Well equipped auditorium with a minimum cost of hiring equipment and inturn overall maintenance cost
  • Depreciation in event management 
  • Event broadcasting with high-end audio/visual solutions
  • High-quality participant experience 
  • Reduced acoustic level for diverse architect designs
  • Aesthetic characterizes the auditoriums, attending to finishes, textures, colors, and other client requirements 


Why outsource your Auditorium solution requirements to TERAIT?

  • Team of well-qualified and experienced engineers. technicians, data analysts, software engineers.
  • Faster, easier and economical services
  • 10+ experience in catering to Auditorium Solution requirements
  • Periodic skill enhancement training to our workforce for keeping them well informed of the latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.

We at Terait cater comprehensive Interior & Technical services for Auditoriums and multipurpose halls for businesses, organizations, and educational institutions without any fail. The main aim of having separate divisions for taking different services is catering to smooth project management and consultancy for clients. With customer-centric approaches and centralized management, our clients can enjoy unified solutions for all their Auditorium requirements. Managing and supervising the working of all auditorium requirements, our rendered services assure excellent execution of our solutions. 

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