Meeting Room AV Solutions

Meeting Room AV Solutions

Modernize meeting rooms with the ideal set of foundation that brings out optimum teamwork, communication, and productivity with TERAIT's diverse range of Meeting room audio/visual solutions. Our designers, programmers, and engineers constitute an efficient and skilled team who strive unparallel with updated and flexible technology for compiling flexible huddle spaces, training rooms, or breakout rooms that drive robust collaboration, presentation, and communication across IT businesses. Implementing technologies ranging from secure video conferencing, wireless presentation, to room booking systems, our specialists ensure hassle-free experiences for users with diverse skill sets. Smoothening exceptional relationships with our technological partners, we deliver best-in-class audio/visual systems at the best possible commercial terms.

We believe this generation's meeting rooms should have an extra back-up of technology that empowers and enables processes with optimum control of the environmental conditions such as temperature, lighting, and air quality. Encouraging participants to work in high-quality environmental conditions, we ensure support for effective & safe working with minimized environmental impact. Our high-end generation of IoT sensors automates environmental conditions and ensures minimal contact over technology, freeing participants to focus on their duties and cater a safer way to work.

Benefits of Meeting Room Technology for your business

  • Effective integration and management of devices and programs at the touch of a single button with user-friendly interfaces
  • The flexibility of booking meeting spaces and its management of existing calendars
  • Multiple content presentation or Video Conferencing with multiple/single screen displays 
  • A robust collaboration of meeting spaces between locations with smart whiteboards


Following are the solutions we deliver under Meeting Room business requirements: 


Video Conferencing

Enjoy the benefits of sophisticated video collaboration with our video conferencing solutions. Designing each element for serving the notion of conferencing, our video conferencing solutions serve the notion of the conference or multiple locations preferably than the individuals. We understand each business's requirements can vary as a point-to-point conversation between two people in private offices or a multipoint conversation that involves several sites with multiple persons at different sites. With our diverse and high-end video conferencing solutions, businesses can save travel time and money with hassle-free verbal communication through face-to-face experience.

Wireless Presentations

Collaborate, communicate, and truly connect and smoothen business channels without the convenience of cables. We supply high-end innovations in wireless AV presentation systems that are capable of seamless and highly-polished presentations every time without any fail. Ensuring ease of use and allowing smooth video/audio data transfer, our solutions show no disruption whatsoever. Thus we can support collaboration with technologies for transforming meeting rooms into spaces that make meaningful decisions. Our innovative and user-friendly wireless connectivity solutions optimize presentation systems through effective collaboration. Our every guidance in choosing an appropriate solution is based on the extensive study of customer requirements. Supplying the best products on the products from the industry's best brands, our solutions support presenters to actively participate in the meeting along with their presentation. Catering ample care to the system's stability and ease of use, we significantly prove the workload of IT departments enhance the productivity of meetings and collaboration between the participants. Our fully comprehensive service encompasses every aspect right from design, installation, and maintenance with the delivery of onsite and remote end-user support and training. Enhance your collaborations and captivate professional interests with our wireless presentation systems.

Control Systems

Solve the problem of airborne pollutions generated with the handling of pieces of equipment within the huddle spaces. These quality solutions will safeguard professionals from any kind of particulate material which poses any kind of serious health problem. Our control system solutions are dedicated to providing quality solutions with best-in-class Design & Engineering, Equipment, and service for fulfilling customer requirements for healthy and neat working environments. With combined years of experience designing high-quality systems our engineering team designs high-quality systems that simplify operations and improve operations. Thus we provide purpose-built control system solutions for meeting their requirements and help businesses achieve their objectives. 


Room Booking Systems

Simplify huddle rooms with active visitor and vendor management with our scalable and easy-to-use room booking system solutions. Our room booking software helps maximization of meeting room spaces by skillful reduction of administration time and introduces an efficient booking process into meeting spaces. Our cloud-based room booking solutions enable businesses to schedule and manage meeting rooms and video conferencing in one globally scalable system. Offering seamless functionality for meeting room bookings, we also cater to AV and other pieces of equipment providing a clear and comprehensive understanding of availability and reservations.Thus through swift processes and keeping everyone in the loop businesses can cope up with meeting schedules without causing hassles between each operational team of businesses. 

LED Display

With a commitment to deliver high end, unparalleled, and quality LED display technology for businesses we blend immersive and innovative large format displays,  interactive touch feature, and video walls. With immersive customer experiences, our premium display products, and solutions are perfect for high-quality professional display walls to withstand 24/7 commercial meeting room requirements. Our specialist slim, smart, and dynamic display LED screens assure to turn heads and grab attention with excellent content delivery. 

Benefits of Meeting Room AV solutions

  • Control systems that integrate and manage all your devices and programs, at the touch of one button with user friendly interfaces.
  • Single or multiple screen displays for presenting multiple content or video conferencing.
  • Room booking systems to allow users the flexibility to book meeting spaces and manage them within their existing calendars, such as Outlook.
  • Smart whiteboards allow for ultimate collaboration in meeting spaces and between locations.


Why outsource your Meeting Room AV solutions requirements to Terait?

  • Strategic decision making, seamless collaboration, contextual conservations and seamless security
  • Tailored solutions for meeting unique challenges and complexities 
  • 10+ experience in catering to Meeting room Solution requirements
  • Team of well qualified and experiecened engineers. technicians, data analysts, software engineers.
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.


Bring in your board members, stakeholders, managers, and teams into a single room for successful collaboration, communication, and teamwork. Nurturing idea-sharing practices with crystal clear audio and video outputs our solutions empower businesses for connecting and sharing business data. Power in meetings with Terait's seamless & intuitive Meeting room AV solutions are aimed at catering reliable, consistent, and interactive user experiences that optimize adoption and elimination of barriers for productivity. Our seasoned engineers, designers, and programmers blend best-in-class audio/visual solutions appropriate to each business requirement. 

With unique and consistent technology combinations over wireless presentation capabilities, commercial displays we commit to the identification and deployment of workplace technology that solves critical challenges of business organizations that offers provide best appropriate fit for your workforce, environment, and budget.

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