Audio/Video System Integration Services

Audio/Video System Integration Services


Whatever your business, whether it be a growing enterprise or an educational institution, whose looking forward to running parallel with the latest trends that reflect your business style and standard, then partner with TERAIT's Audio/Video System Integration Services. Delivering an immersive and collaborative experience through e-classrooms and digital training rooms, we empower businesses for blending multiple business information, spark meaningful conversations, and drive results. Keep up the pace of change and stay steps ahead. 

Blending IT employees over the same platform is a critical task. Liaising business strategies, declaring business results, celebrating milestones, and developing an appreciable & well-connected culture have become critical for ensuring IT organization operations in complete harmony. Merging it is much harder than the theories,TERAIT works with clients irrespective of their size or ROI for developing audio/visual technology solutions that benefit most of IT environments through thorough effective planning, sourcing, implementation, and management of technology that benefits with extensive clarity over focus and appropriate alignment throughout the enterprise.


Following are our Audio/Video Integration services: 


  • Huddle Room solutions

Experience the advantage of prompt sync-ups, weekly check-ins, comprehensive team brainstorming with the safety and capability of huddle rooms. Our specialists develop a flexible range of easy-to-manage custom video solutions for power-driven collaboration in spaces irrespective of location and size at affordable rates. We cater our solutions from USB video bars that ensure easy connection of PC systems to unity solutions that natively run desired cloud video applications. Huddle up with Teriat and get ahead of your competitors with us. 

Our huddle room solutions for IT or any other client requirements are designed for functionless security. While outfitting spaces, Teriat solutions focus on helping businesses, video conferencing up and running with minimal cables, smoothened management, and usefulness. In each space, we attend to challenges that our experts solve seamlessly. We understand the audio requirements of businesses are simply the ability to intelligently handle the high background noise. In this evolving market, our huddle room solutions will be flexible enough to connect with any diverse cloud video requirements. Our solutions are designed in a form aimed at delivering best-in-class experiences in almost any cloud environment starting right from single-touch dialing to best-in-class Audio/Video quality. 


  • Meeting Room AV Solutions

IT Businesses, nowadays must be reinforced with appropriate technologies for empowering and enabling operations, but also control their IT environments in terms of temperature, lighting, and air quality for ensuring the meeting of professionals to work effectively. Transforming working environments to high-quality conditions that drive effective & safe-working, our solutions will minimize overall environmental impact. With a new-age generation of IoT sensors, our offerings enable not just the automation of the environmental conditions, but also smoothen technology operations, ensuring minimal contact freeing participants for focusing on their work, and providing smoother ways to work.


  • AV Enabled Board Rooms

In a world of competitive business, the use of audio-visual aids has become a necessity for any organization. Modern boardrooms/conference rooms have undergone major changes through the adaptation of audio-visual technology. The use of audio-visual technology in the boardroom/conference room is helping in improved collaboration, productive meetings, and faster decision making are a result of the use of audio-visual technology in board rooms and conference rooms. These systems must be user-friendly and be highly reliable and for seamlessly making your meetings highly productive.

An increase in productivity and cost-effectiveness can be achieved by inspiring, relevant boardroom AV systems that increase client engagement while managing meetings and presentations with greater ease and proficiency Whatever the requirement for your boardroom solutions and conference room, fully qualified installation engineers will take care of the installation process ensuring a smooth flow of business and eliminating or minimizing interruptions caused by technicalities.

The Internet of Things, consumer electronics, big data, dynamic content, the cloud, security, and high real-estate costs are reshaping the boardroom. These rooms hold the key to the most efficient and high-quality experience. The board rooms must be equipped with best-in-class technologies and must have the ability for visualizing and interacting with multiple data streams and content sources. Our solutions also enable officials for sharing and contribution of conversations through comprehensive control of digital information at their fingertips. With wireless real-time video communication made possible with Boardroom AV technology, we will optimize productivity and efficiency.

Our boardroom AV technologies are control systems with user-friendly interfaces that can manage all programs and devices with just one button. We empower IT businesses for multiple contents or video conferencing across diverse locations with the use of single or multiple screens. Ensuring the effective participation of professionals is possible with the usage of high-end audio-conferencing systems. We also bring the use of smart whiteboards for collaborating between locations and wireless systems for business presentations for eliminating the usage of cables. Setting up appropriately operating HD systems for sound and vision, we deliver assistance for businesses for enhanced qualitative presentations.


  • Auditorium Solutions

Coordinating live business events in auditoriums is a complex, costly, and daunting task. Infusing the latest Audio Visual technologies we ensure business events to be more impressive and smoother for management. Implementing all-digital and networked AV technology, we empower centralized control over lighting, HVAC, sound, projection, and video conferencing elements that smoothens hassle-free execution of events that will assist smaller teams. Starting with sound system design, we integrate capabilities such as large screen projection, lighting management, control systems, and video conferencing allowing smoother management of a comprehensive range of sub-systems. 

With the deployment of customized auditorium speakers with appropriate speaker placement, Terait's expert sound-engineers ensure even sound -distribution along with efficient noise control and vibration isolation for eliminating external and mechanical noises. Enabling Centralized management over the auditorium with touch-based controllers allows managers to maintain peace even during high-pressure environments. We also integrate any niche of the electronic or electrical system as per business requirement such as HVAC, sound systems, lighting, drapes, AV devices, projectors, screens, cameras, video conferencing systems, etc.


  • Conference Room AV Solutions

Power up the conference rooms with 'Control.' Enabling the end-user for controlling every feature of a conference room ranging from the automated blinds to the video conferencing system, our AV solutions will collect business data for compiling future business decisions. Supporting the growth of the ability to access conference rooms, our expert's gifts control over them remotely. Proactively monitoring conference rooms, we identify issues before any downtime experience for end-users. In case of any issues, business users can reach us directly via text, chat, video call, or audio call for remote studying of the same and nullify it without any fail. 

Video conferencing feature provides the ability for collaborating across the globe. This critical component of virtual collaboration will support varying changing requirements of making it a collaborative experience. With ample technology, business communications shift from stereotypical face-to-face meetings to content sharing, white-boarding, and annotation, and other tools. Our video collaboration solutions, empower participants can identify and edit documents in real-time.


  • Digital Signage Solutions

Transform client experience and optimize ROI from hardware investments with Terait's Digital Signage solutions. Our solutions will ensure engagement, communication, or promotion by taking control of the display network for getting the right data points and insights with accurate reports and dashboards. Our easy-to-use, unique digital signage for internal employee communications assures better engagement and communications with the addition of informative screens, enabling editing, quick updating, and publishing of information professionally and smoothly.

Display, internal communications, company news, employee announcements, real-time targets, tasks, goals, HR notifications, factory floor metrics, and media presentations. Upgrade your internal communications with our digital signage solutions. Businesses can drive effective digital signage ranging from internal communications of workplace business information, official meeting and schedule listings, department updates, latest company developments, media slideshows, HD videos, welcome messages, etc. With customizable templates, businesses can edit or develop engaging digital signage for internal communications content, later uploading it to display screens.


  • Virtual/Smart Classroom solutions

Our Virtual/Smart Classroom solutions enable clients to run teaching sessions in live environments with internet-connection over participants, employees, and other geographically distributed participants are equipped with diverse devices such as a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone. Optimized for utilization of current Internet connection, our solutions provide real-time communication /collaboration solution that allows participants, students, faculties, stakeholders, etc from different locations for holding virtual discussions, distance training sessions, team collaboration conferences, large audience events, lectures, presentations, etc. Our Systems allow connection from multiple desired locations irrespective of any time. IT organizations can teach participants irrespective of location via Internet, saving time and energy. With the best and affordable Virtual Classroom solutions, businesses can deliver their lecture with two-channel communication. Businesses can also share with an interactive whiteboard, multimedia documents, videos, and other instructional tools for participants with best-in-class audio-video quality.

Benefits of Audio/Video System Integration services

  • Increased Interaction and comprehension between employees and the company 

  • Better-trained actively engaged audio specialists at your disposal.

  • Strategic method for saving operational costs and time. 

  • Easy integration of newer recruits 

  • Quicker audiovisual solutions installation

  • An effective approach for training employees


Why outsource your Audio/Video System Integration services to TERAIT?

  • 10+ years experience as a certified Audio/Video system integration service provider

  • Team of well-qualified and experienced engineers. technicians, data analysts, software engineers.

  • Faster, easier and economical services

  • Periodic skill enhancement training to our workforce for keeping them well informed of the latest technological practices

  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 

  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 

  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.

  • Guiding businesses to deal with sensitive aspects such as fire and safety policies, emergency procedures, product quality and health compliance, and sexual harassment.


Are your business workforces distributed without appropriate global and multi-cultural collaboration? With best-in-class audio-video technology solutions that transform your business, we work with clients for enabling connection, collaboration, and working together. Power up your executive team by our support for working cohesively to develop winning strategies for executing perfectly. This requires businesses for coordinating across business departments and geographies. With client boardrooms with reliable and intuitive technology solutions, we deliver interactive experiences for allowing comprehensive participation. 

Get employees on the same page with appropriate communication for effective business strategies, publish results, celebrating milestones, and the development of connected culture for benefitting IT organizations with complete harmony. Working with clients for audio/visual technology solutions with thorough planning, sourcing, implementation, and management of technology with a clear focus and true alignment across the IT enterprise. Growing IT enterprises and well-matured businesses who urge to keep up the pace of the latest technologies can partner with Terait for developing solutions that blend multiple information sources, for sparking meaningful conversations and driving business results. 

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