WiFi Solutions

WiFi Solutions

Meet the wireless requirements of your IT institutions with trainees and staff for hassle-free high-speed internet connectivity with Terait's wifi solutions. With the IT sector and educational institutions becoming more and more dependent on wifi solutions, they revolutionize the way how business operations run. Our Wifi solutions offer both trainees and professionals to make the best usage of devices such as tabs, computer systems, i-pads, smartphones for encouraging collaborative business operations. TERAIT's next-generation wifi networking solutions help IT businesses for unlocking the power of Wireless, IoT, and Cloud technologies to business operations. Serving customers around the globe, for more than a decade we combine products and solutions we deliver the right value at a reasonable price. 

For businesses who have large businesses alongside multiple locations or a small office in a single location, TERAIT's robust & secure IT Enterprise Wifi Solutions can revolutionize businesses to its best. Designing & deploying end-to-end Wi-Fi solutions we optimize business requirements. Our team of skilled, experienced, and qualified wireless engineers design, secure, and reliable Wi-Fi networks for IT businesses irrespective of the cost required for design, purchase, deployment, and management of such solutions. We have partnered with fortune 500 companies for delivering best-in-class wifi solutions that don't spend valuable time in the validation of multiple products and solutions. 

Uniform distribution of signals and speedy wifi network is critical for running business operations quite smoothly. It is also ubiquitous for all devices right from desktops to AIO to laptops to mobile devices for ensuring day-to-day business operations. Being experts in the deployment of wifi networks at a business enterprise level, our immense experience in the successful deployment of wifi networking solutions makes us most preferred in the market. 


Following are the Wifi solutions we cater to:

AI-based insights

Our AI-based insights help provide consistent network accuracy with advanced analytics and machine learning. Transforming intent-based networking smarter, our experts apply advanced analytics and machine learning on the premises of the cloud. Our network analytics drives network intelligence, by empowering administrators for improvement of business performance and problem resolution. With advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, we ensure smooth management of devices and services for prioritization, resolving network issues, and smooth ensuring user experience. 

Network visibility and trouble-shooting

We make business networks have optimum visibility, benefit from enhanced management capabilities and assurance over IT networks for taking intent-based networking even further. Even with more devices, more users, more to manage, our offerings will assist businesses in taking advantage of the power of data for growing business networks and maximize business networks and drive improvement of business performance and reliability. With the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine language, our solutions pinpoint the most critical issues that impact IT networks ensuring minimum noise and false positives. 

Scalable and secure access

Our solutions help businesses in ensuring agility and security by automation of a unified policy across the entire access business network. Making IT operations much more efficient, our solutions ensure network security, and user experience for consistent experiences across wired, wireless, and VPN infrastructure. Automating user policy and network access, our advanced solutions give appropriate use policy and network access. Through a uniform policy-based network, our solutions define a uniform policy-based network environment that runs parallel with business requirements related to security, automation, and assurance.

Through software-defined approaches for network segmentation, businesses can improve end-point identification and grouping, analyze traffic flows in between groups and define effective access policies. With a multidomain architecture, we ensure consistent access and end-to-end security-policy enforcement within the IT enterprise. Continuously scrutinizing endpoint behavior and isolating compromised endpoints, we also ensure for eliminating the proliferation of threats.

Location-based services

Get benefited from our location-based services for gaining insights and people behavior. Assisting businesses much beyond wireless connectivity our solutions guide businesses with location analytics, customer engagement tool-kits, asset management, enterprise application integrations, and location-data APIs. Businesses can leverage built-in applications for facilitating safer returns for workplace and business resiliency. Driving industry-specific outcomes along with partner applications, IT businesses can ensure asset tracking, space utilization, and attendance tracking. Seamlessly onboarding customers with captive portals, SDKs, and Open-Roaming technology, we digitize people and things in business spaces. We also deploy indoor IoT applications at scale for staying parallel with the indoor IoT services.

Simplified connections

Ensure automatic, seamless, and secure onboarding with our simplified OpenRoaming technology. Through a wireless broadband alliance, our wireless broadband technology ensures seamless and secure onboarding to Wi-Fi networks for a seamless connective experience. Our OpenRoaming technology ensures seamless and secure onboarding without the hassles of spotty public WiFi, insecure login credentials, and SSID guessing games. We also cater fast, secure, and reliable connectivity for enhancing the user experience meanwhile maximizing wi-fi attachment rates. With each business's unique identity for a seamless connection, we ensure businesses for participating networks. Extending value for customers, we ensure the stickiness of platforms. Making businesses strive through indoor locations and other challenges, we ensure them to be connected by eliminating operational expenses through wifi-offloading. 

Benefits of WI-FI solutions 


  • Improved data communications leading to quicker sharing and inturn more efficiency
  • Hassle free communication on the move as no requirement for cables and adaptors
  • Flexible working environments even without dedicated systems and proper office set-ups
  • Easier and cheaper installation 
  •  Newer opportunitie for products and services 

Why outsource your Wifi Solutions requirements to TERAIT?

  • Team of well experinced and qualified technicians
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • 10+ experience in catering to wifi  requirements
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking

Wireless networking could allow you to offer new products or services. For example, many airport departure lounges, train stations, hotels, cafes and restaurants have installed 'hot spot' WiFi services to allow mobile users to connect their equipment to their 'home' offices while travelling.
Transforming wireless networks, we at Terait boost and encourage information sharing. Our wifi solutions ensure untethered access for documents, emails, applications, and other networks for ensuring a boost in productivity and encourage business-information sharing. This enables business workforces to remain tension-free throughout their work-spaces. 

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