Server Management Services

Server Management Services

Ensure uncompromised security over servers with the apt service management approaches. TERAIT has shaped itself as a premier Server Management Company, specialist service provider by ensuring by the equipment of our every offering to maintain a specific standard by infusing state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical support centers. Rendering world-class server management services and efficient technical support for Linux and Windows Servers, we immaculate desired IT solutions for all clients without any fail.

The IT businesses who don't pay attention to the management of their servers will have to face dire consequences in the future. And therefore we recommend IT companies for hiring an ideal server management company for protection and management on servers. Our cloud management services help IT businesses for scaling and responding quickly, meet commitments periodically, effectively utilize assets and cater visibility throughout the operations. Offering a diverse range of managed cloud services parallel to all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and robust assistance, our Cloud services experts also provide 24/7 outsourced server management services, Remote Server Administration, Server support services, Server Security, Linux Server Management, Windows Server Management, and Helpdesk Management.

Catering Datacenters, hosting companies, and ISPs with specialized and extended Server Security overlooks over Server Hardening, Linux/UNIX/Windows server, products support & services, our Server Management Services will commit to all server management entails system administration duties. Server rooms and data centers are becoming much more challenging environments for control and management. Our in-house technical staffs are expertized, skilled, and have on-hand experience in making up data centers, including servers, routers, switches, and other devices. Much capable for maintenance of business operations performance in multiple locations with limited resources, we also ensure for keeping the costs down. Outsourcing server management support to TERAIT will free businesses from the hassles of server management and freely focus on the core business activities.

With effective handling of server support service requirements, we support businesses for business growth and staying updated over the latest technologies over the ever-changing security issues. Our techies have a comprehensive understanding of uptime, security and reliability with utmost importance to any company. Committing complex issues 24/7 over servers our offerings will cut down downtime, maximize performance, we help web hosts for checking the support costs.

Our competitive industry forces us for making our server support service maintain quality at every phase without compromising on client happiness. Setting up comprehensive level in-house resources our wide range of services carefully takes up monitoring and management of multi-vendor IT infrastructure. Managing the servers on time for consumption, complexity, and cost factors, we ensure businesses stay away from the risks of revenue loss and spoilage over the brand trust.


Our Server Management services are as follows:


  • Server Administration

Our service administration services ensure the servers are online and the whole services are up and running 24/7/365. Maintaining high-quality server support, server management & server security as a priority, we ensure regular updating of server-software, kernel, check security updates and patches, install and drive configuration of the firewall, malware scanner, root-kit scanner, and antivirus for daily or weekly scanning. Irrespective of the complexity of and resource-intensive, businesses can enjoy best-in-class administration & support from multiple and certified server specialists. These specialists are much familiar with system requirements and help businesses at a moment's notice. With a team of server specialists who have extensive experience in the management of Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers, our team monitors your servers 24/7 with a state of art Network Operations Center (NOC) for ensuring maximum up-time and response in any threatening events.


  • Server Security

Providing businesses the security, hardening, and optimization in many different areas of the server, our offerings initiate with HTTP(Apache/Litespeed), FTP(PureFtp/ProFtp), DNS (Bind/NSD), and SSH (OpenSSH Server). Later moving onto server optimization and server hardening at Operation System and kernel-level, our professionals check for maximum security and performance by identifying everything from synflood attacks, spoofed packets, DNS poisoning to ICMP DOS/redirect attacks. Verifying directories for correct permissions and securing the temporary directories /tmp and /var/tmp, our experts will prevent any kind of intrusion and attacks. Disabling all unnecessary packages, services and processes are disabled, we also strive to maximize the business performance.


  • Recovery Solutions

Through comprehensive Recovery solutions for virtual and physical environments latest unified agriculture, business organizations can scale IT environments easily delivering recovery point and recovery time objectives, on-premise or in the cloud. Replicating systems, storage, and the installed software onto in-house devices, we restart business servers locally in the cloud, so that businesses can continue to cater IT services to internal and external constituents until safety is secured.

Whether businesses want to recover a single file, a database, or an entire server, our solutions are so easy as a single push of a button. Maintaining the business to provide a flexible, pay-as-go service, our server management specialists will ensure meeting order requirements in terms of technology, budget, Recovery Point and Time Objectives. Accurately matching the appropriate technology, our solutions architects and service teams tailor solutions matching the environment.

Our solution architects and service teams will accurately match the right technology, tailoring a solution that matches with IT environment. Our enterprise-class backup and recovery software solutions drive single and integrated approaches for the protection of business data with minimum usage of network and network resources. We also offer businesses backup efficiencies by allowing business enterprises for capturing less, ingesting less, and minimizing the number of backup assets that businesses buy, manage and maintain.


  • Server Migration

Much complex than just migration of files from one server to another, our server migration services involves several steps for smooth migration that makes your clients happy. With proper awareness over various challenges ranging from the broken-email account, website links/paths to database configs, etc, our experts follow DATM (Discover, Assess, Target, Migrate) strategies with customized scripts for migration of cross-platform hosting servers to have a meager effect on downtime including DNS/Network ips.


Our solutions ensure seamless migration of workloads without any kind of business interruption with minimal downtime during the final migration cutover. Transmitting data through Internet, private lines, or VPNs, our solutions identify valid data by analyzation of disk partitions & file systems, and automatically switch transmission methods for improvement of migration efficiency. Authenticating Agent using the AK/SK, we incorporate dynamically generated SSL certificates and keys for encrypting transmission channel that ensures data security.


Benefits of Server Management Services


  • 24/7 Server Management for prompt processing of incoming requests

  • Edge over competitors allowing businesses to be tension free over initial configuration, current service, diagnostics, preventive maintenance of malfunctions and modernization.

  • Faster renovation making IT environments much more flexible im0plementing changes with in shortest time and without downtime

  • Effective server management team of well experienced and trained experts for complete elimination of functions

  • Responsible taking care of periodic software update, backup, data recovery after unforeseen disruptions

  • Minimization of expenditures relate to salary requirements, separate working place, pension and health insurance driving development of businesses


Why Server Management services?


  • Identification of performance degradation and capacity issues proactively

  • Comprehensive support coverage over major hardware vendors and operating systems

  • Round-the-clock, 24/7 server support

  • Adherence to all service level agreements (SLA)

  • 10+ years experience as a reputed server management service provider

  • Well experienced, qualified, and skilled expert technicians and professionals


TERAIT's Server Management services free businesses from server hassles and lets them focus on the implementation of innovative and result-oriented business practices. Monitoring, updating, and taking back up, our technical experts will ensure monitoring, updating, take back-up, catering software patches and all this with a 24X7 support system.

With a richer portfolio of service, management offerings span Server Administration, Linux Server Management, and Total Server Solutions, we offer optimized, secure, and proactive monitoring that delivers differentiated value for businesses. Get updated and secure server with Terait's Proactive Analysis, Regular Updates, and Routine Backups.


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