Network Security

Network Security

Digital businesses should understand network and security are the main pillars for them to expand and flourish. While scaling up of business-processes for varying customer requirements and technological landscape, networks face the vulnerability to security breaches. This has developed an incumbent requirement for a competent IT infrastructure, network management, and security. Catering a suite of network solutions including the identification and resolution of network security threats, deployment of mission-critical tools for infrastructure optimization, and designing of a robust and secure IT framework. With broader awareness of the current cyber threat landscape, our experts offer a leading networking security solution that drives stabilization and strengthening of business infrastructure.


Following are the Network Security services we offer:

Network Operations 

Our vigilant network operations as a service is a core service offering that provides remote monitoring, notification, and telecom carrier services, router management, policy development & implementation, and intrusion detection. Our network service specializes in but is not limited to not just monitoring and management of Private Circuits but also MPLS, Metro Fiber, Internet Services, Point to Point, Broadband, DSL, 4G, etc. With effective utilization of high-end technologies, we are watchful over telecom assets, reporting up/down/degraded status for the facilitation of proactive approaches needed for problem-solving and remediation. With 24 x 7 x 365 network operations that provide effective support, escalating active or potential problems to carriers, later following up on tickets and ensuring problems are resolving in a timely and effective manner. 


Phishing testing, education,  training, forensic analysis, threat detection, and implementation of countermeasures involve our anti-phising offerings. Benefit from our enterprise security awareness services over the assessment of enterprise threats from social engineering threats. Guiding businesses in defending an organization's resources, business-assets, and investments against such threats, our cybersecurity experts will elevate the effectiveness of threats with appropriate security awareness across the enterprise. Catering insights into current state capability and defining plans and strategies for accomplishing the desired capability. Compiling both strategic and tactic plans for alignment of cybersecurity investments and meeting the organization's objectives, our experts study the possibility of each case that may bring profitability to your businesses. 


Penetration Testing

External and internal scans, perimeter assessment, application testing, network enumeration, threat analysis, and reporting comprises our penetration testing services. Taking each project with the aim of a minimum engagement length, our high-intensive assessments keep a significant lead-in time. Designing business services for simulation of the business activities, our offensive security penetration assessment will ensure the determination of weaknesses among networks, computer systems, and applications. Focusing over the assembly line assessments, our team's unique penetration testing approaches scan vulnerabilities and report handling. Our penetrating test reviews that the resultant deliverables come with penetration test engagements, that are compiled from penetration testing methodology. Ideal customers either pose a high-risk position or have already achieved a maturity level where a traditional penetration test is improper for delivering sufficient results.


Security Engineering

We design and develop security solutions that demand extensive custom software development, testing, and integration with other security OEMs. 
All these services can augment in-house capabilities to innovate prototypes that include multiple solution feature sets and can reduce time to market for staying competitive and differentiated. Our security engineering services functions as an extended product development team for security product organizations by the inclusion of the product development cycle. 

All these comprehensive services also encompass the skillful integration of security into software building models, third party and platform integration developed from security technologies, device management, software identity management, and customized security solution development. Terait implements and maintains information Security Engineering Professional Services for protecting critical assets of clients and support organizations for carrying out their business operations. With purpose-driven security approaches, we implement and maintain appropriate and reasonable security engineering solutions for IT organizations by focusing on the client companies core competencies.


Cyber-threat intelligence 

Analyzing cyber threats for correlating analytical findings to ascertaining attributable information regarding cyber groups, we monitor indications and warnings. Maximizing the visibility of the threat landscape, we cater context for trends for monitoring, threat actor's character behavior, and identify business vulnerabilities against attacks. Businesses can benefit from access to comprehensive threat data and business intelligence into current, past, and possible future threat activity. With access to more business data and indicators, we blend the advantage of combining Breach, Machine, Operational and Adversarial Intelligence for delivering real-time threat data and analytics.

Thus our services will benefit businesses with real-time access during breaches, adversaries, machines, and operational intelligence. With greater visibility across threat landscape via open source and Mandiant threat data, our offerings can simplify user experience with easy for using digest charts, graphs, and report navigation too.


Forensics and Malware

Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, network forensics, intrusion investigations, incident response, reverse engineering, and malware analysis. Our company has developed inheritance from experienced cyber detective professionals who follow goal-oriented approaches. Taking responsibility for obtaining the business data required for pursuing against attackers. Our comprehensive pool of proprietary investigational tools and data sources allows us for working over complex and knowledge-intensive cases. 


Certification and Accreditation

Intended for providing assurance to IT managers, our certification and accreditation services evaluate and determine the acceptable level of security risk. Staying parallel to government guidelines that need the authorization of administrational bodies, we drive evaluation and accreditation of each system on their behalf. Certification and accreditation procedure involves the implementation of formal and systematics processes for evaluation, testing, authorization of systems to be operational. Attaining the CISSP certification separates an information security expert from competition and renown them with the badge of credibility. Our C&A processes is a critical approach for attaining CISSP for proving subjects are theoretically and practically well versed for being able to ace the exam. These processes involve extensive evaluation of all products, systems, processes, events, or skills are compared with existing benchmarks, norms, or any specific standards. Business institutions can prepare for developing carefully concocted certification models for testing and evaluation over the skills of the people performing jobs falling under the specific interest area of the IT organization. This will ensure products and service offerings meet pre-established government standards and regulations. 


Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities, we support businesses in applying vulnerability management for preemptive defense against the exploitation of vulnerabilities. Effectively implementing vulnerability management ensure significant safety away from data breaches and theft. Securing businesses from hacking attacks, we devise suitable Vulnerability Audit strategies for framing vulnerability management policy, identification of existing vulnerabilities, analysis of the current level of security, and ranking vulnerabilities for remediation procedures. Easily identifying more problems that can be fixed, our solutions focus on the development of building better walls around the network for safeguarding from attackers for accessing the weakness. Scanning all network resources and prioritizing vulnerabilities, we ensure the usage model of usage of limited resources. 

Benefits of IT Network Security

  • Builds trust among clients with uncompromised network security and consumer confidence
  • Uncompromosed security fo business against the reputational and legal fallout of a security breach.
  • Mitigation of business and finanical risks while compliant with business & financial risks
  • Safeguard of proprietary information shared across the networks
  • Modern workplaces from any location using VPN 
  • Secure network acess and network security for enabling hassel-free works  


Why choose network security service requirements to TERAIT?

  • 10+ years as a network security services provider
  • Well experienced, skilled, and qualified team of network security professionals 
  • Leverage of intelligent technologies to match business goals
  • Compliance against government guidelines and security objectives
  • Prompt intuitive intelligence system for detecting real-time threats
  • Counteraction plans for preventing irreversible damage and data loss
  • Employment of intensive security solutions for safeguarding all client infrastructure and networks 

Our comprehensive network security services comprise skillful identification and resolution of network security tools, deployment & usage of appropriate tools for infrastructure optimization, and drafting of a robust and secure IT framework. With proper awareness over the current cyber threat landscape, our expert specialists offer cutting-edge networking security solutions that stabilize and strengthen business infrastructure.


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