IT Security Solutions

IT Security Solutions

Protect your businesses, enabling growth with secure leveraging of benefits of technologies both cloud and mobile. Catering businesses with agility, businesses should respond quickly to market and competitive events. TERAIT's solutions assist businesses in growing their businesses and maximizing their business and increase customer loyalty by enabling them to deliver secure and innovative business services much more quickly and easily, diversely across the web and mobile users. Enabling employees and partners for secure and effective collaboration, our solutions also enable employees and partners for secure collaboration and gains access to information that should help to grow their businesses. Minimizing the risk of internal & external threats, our customized security solutions cater broadest and most comprehensive identity and access management suites. Highly integrated for simplifying and minimizing the total expenditure of IT security management, we strengthen businesses with capabilities across all major environments namely cloud or on-premise, virtual or physical, and distributed or mainframe and access models namely Web, mobile, APIs for significant boosting of business agility. 


TERAIT's IT Seecurity Solutions make businesses realize the value of IT security investments for the achievement of business objectives. Each IT organization has unique characteristics and use cases for the determination of IT solutions which are ideal for them. Drawing extensive expertise from a large pool of experienced, skilled, and qualified security professionals, we offer IT security solutions for addressing the key challenges that are faced by enterprises. Our notion is the improvement of the agility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of the next-generation requirements of information security and compliance programs. Through holistic risk-driven approaches, our IT security solutions drive identity and access governance, data protection, risk & compliance, threat management and mitigation throughout applications, networks & mobiles, and cybersecurity monitoring & management.


Following are the IT Security Solutions we offer: 


  • Identity and Access Management

Groundbreaking technology advancements such as M2M Communication, BYOD, and the Internet of things are maximizing productivity triple-fold. 
IT organizations are exposed to innumerable threats both internal and external. Business landscapes are evolving every saying minute requiring an effective identity and access management procedure for letting businesses take comprehensive advantage of technology safeguarding business assets from unwanted exposures and summitting to regulatory requirements. Our identity and access management services comprise transformation services, productized, and managed services. Our Transformation Services access management platform, identity administration platform, and directory services platform whereas Productized Services attend to JML process components, provisioning, and single sign-on, resource access request, self-service component, privileged user password management requirements. And our managed services will attend to 24/7 management & proactive monitoring, incident management, and monthly reporting & analysis. 


  • Data Protection & Privacy

Our experts devise data protection strategies that will solve iPad and malicious challenges. With highly skilled professionals we conceptualize and drive the deployment of end-to-end data security. Developing roadmaps for enterprises, we also ensure optimized IT security solutions for the achievement of maximum security against data breaches. Our data protection services offerings comprise data protection auditing, data threat analysis, risk assessments, data mapping classification, policy designing & process definition, and ensuring feasibility assessment of data. 


  • Cyber and Infrastructure Security


IT businesses always face cyber-security as one of the greatest challenges. Devising effective cybersecurity solutions for monitoring and providing real-time visibility over a multitude of business applications, databases, networks, and systems. We cater to end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for high-end malware protection, data center & perimeter protection, network risk assessment, security monitoring & management services (SIEM & SOC), host & endpoint security, cloud & virtualization security, security device management, and mobile security.


  • Security Assurance


Building a foundation for the determination of trustworthiness of processes, practices, features, procedures, and architecture of information system, our security assurance offerings will assist clients across a wide niche of industry verticals in determining compliance across technical security controls alongside applicable regulations, standard and legislative requirements such as ISO, HIPAA, UK DPA, DSS, and PSI. Driving all vulnerability assessments and ensuring effective penetration testing throughout comprehensive system components that range from network infrastructure, mobility solutions, secure network perimeters, databases, and virtualized cloud environments for a global client base.


  • Governance, Risk & Compliance


Increasing dependence over digitally enhanced infrastructure, business CIO's have to meet unique challenges for striking appropriate balances of privacy, protection, growth, and progress. With effective experience and expertise, we help clients build information security risk offices with the application of IT security solutions or transform a current IS/RO office with the capability of working in silos or on fragmented requirements. 

Our professionals attend to all processes involving policy and procedure definition, gap analyzing, re-base lining, risk assessment framework setup, ITSM, metrics, KPI's periodic auditing, and executive reports. Collaborating with people we transfer ISMS awareness, rollout roles, and responsibilities, Third-party security assessments, business contractual compliance, accessing of reviews, privileged user compliance. Ensuring Data governance, ownership, classification, labeling, data risk assessment, cross border protection and data protection act, we also attend to the infrastructure security baseline standards, patches, and security configuration, IT risk assessment, risk mitigation, security configuration & compliance, SLA's service delivery, SLA's, CIA assessments, service delivery, application risk management, access reviews, SDLC and ITSM. 

Benefits of IT Security System solutions:

  • Integrated security systems appropriate for addition, over arching, pulling and collecting of data with a unified view
  •  Simplified processes for actionable insights into operations and facilitation of efficient decision-making
  • Elimination of time-intensive process with transparency and information sharing
  • Avoids the time intensive process during equipment malfunction
  • Integrated access control and surveillance systems
  • Faster response system for retention and prevention
  • More time for effective decision making 


Why chooseTERAIT for IT Security Surveillance System solutions?

  • Certified IT security service provider
  • Well experienced, qualified, and skilled expert technicians and professionals 
  • Centralized IP-based  surveillance system for integration of all functions of Video Surveillance and enhancement of the effectiveness of functions, with better security, safety, visibility, and control.
  • Combination of best-in-class IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, and Video Management Software 
  • 24/7 premises surveillance through multiple camera access with TCP/IP connectivity
  • Simultaneous live display, record, backup, playback, and network use.
  • Maximum flexibility with the unified recording devices
  • Better CCTV systems that maintain evidential quality images and video recordings 
  • Better system integration capabilities
  • Value for money and ideal business investment for future 
  • Greater flexibility for transferring images and videos across Local Networks, the Internet, and Wide Area Networks.
  • Better camera performance with high detailed precision

Businesses must realize cyberthreats to be everywhere external and internal, but Terait is ready to back you. Focusing on the technology professional first and foremost, our best-in-class professionals will help you navigate the security technology landscape by catering to best-in-class delivering first-grade IT security solutions that businesses can rely on. Security solutions that help you do your job better. Addressing gaps in the security market we help businesses in maintaining a secure and operational environment without the necessity of setting up a full-fledged operational center. Helping businesses achieve and demonstrate compliance required in regulated industries while providing enterprise-level systems and network security management clients won't have to trouble over the price and complexity. 

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