AV Enabled Board Rooms

AV Enabled Board Rooms

Walkthrough with ease over internal business communication with facilitated business channels, promote decision making, smoothen client relationships with TERAIT's AV enabled board room solutions. Automate and control lights, drapes, screens, thermostats, and AV equipment of board rooms with just an intuitive easy-to-use touch-panel, remote or custom keypad. These solutions are designed with the notion of easier robust use, saving up of money & time, facilitation of communication, aid decision making, and enhancement of business relationships. The high-end boardroom AV systems are much easier to use, delivers varied connection options, boost collaboration, and optimize productivity. We compile multitudes of each business's required AV technologies for boardrooms and thus deliver benefits from the key outputs they cater to. 

The application of Video-conferencing in the IT industry empowers hassle-free and regular communication between all operational portals. These are not just restricted between two or more members of staff, clients, or suppliers, but also this much-improved phone conference system empowers redefined personal interaction. Making possible information sharing par better than traditional audio systems, our video conferencing solution benefits with optimum flexibility too. Empowering stakeholders of the flexibility of requiring not to be in the same physical location, these solutions support better situation management, decision making, and hassle-free working relationships.

With video conferencing capabilities, businesses can save valuable time and money. Enhancing business flow and management, participants can share content much more easily through an interactive-manner, far more superior to traditional tools such as slides and projectors. Benefit from the advantage of cloud conferencing with Terait's focus on delivering the optimum affordable, versatile & flexible video calling and video conferencing solutions for businesses and organizations. We blend our video conferencing service with a diverse range of hardware and software components managed from the cloud. Delivering scheduled conferencing, this system will be a true on-demand, anyone-to-anyone result-assured solution that is very much easy to use.

Our approaches for developing the video conferencing and collaboration solution start with the user experience and business belief. Our integrated system delivers video calling and conferencing capabilities to businesses most powerfully and cost-effectively for bringing people together. Irrespective of the industry or size of the organization, cloud-based video conferencing can transform itself as a great tool for installation in boardrooms for improvement of communications in meetings, both external and internal. 



We deliver the following technologies that should be considered for application in Boardroom is as follows:


Boardrooms need rear projection for presenting participants with a very clean and uncluttered solution where all of the required equipment will be out of sight and only the projected image on the screen will be visible. Our services will also be responsive in catering assistance over the ceiling-mounted projection whenever in cases where the rear projection is not possible. The front projection comes with the advantage of being easily hiding away the equipment with suitable projector hoists that keep the projector hidden away from the ceiling void until any requirement niche. Coupling this set-up alongside an electric projection screen can enable a neat presentation environment. 

Plasma / LCD

Ideal for video conferencing in board rooms Plasma TV display and TFT flat panels. These ultra-slim profiled systems give stunning video quality and image brightness suited for environments that have high ambient light levels such as boardrooms which are most common to have large windows. The application of Control processors and touch panels will support business presenters with an advanced presentation system together. Offering exceptional ease of usability, when programmed appropriately, ensures proper functioning of boardroom system driving maximization of return on investment.


The application of light can be used to revolutionizing the effect for building up the drama of a business meeting or for drawing attention to specific areas, consider a lectern or a meeting table. Integrating control systems along with lighting will make the presentations much more appealing and interactive. While choosing the projector or video-conferencing from the touch panel, the lighting can be set for meeting the display - bright or dim whatever the businesses require, depending on the type of meeting they are conducting. Our experts have the experience and for the design and implementation of custom build boardroom systems that would welcome the workforce with an opportunity for interacting with innovative ideas in the boardroom. Thus this option will support businesses, who are looking for a brand new installation setup or updating of an existing system can add up some magic.


Audio or Video Conferencing

Businesses should have a strong choice over their conference room technology over the requirement of audio conferencing, video conferencing, or both. Taking over the center stage in board rooms, our video conference solutions provide Outlook and Google integrations. This feature enables easy meeting scheduling where 'Push to join' will become a much more readily available option. Video calling is becoming more and more mainstream with organizations can be on calls 24/7 with clients, partners, and off-site employees. But it is also not mandatory that these external participants need to share a similar platform as your company does. Zoom integrated companies may have to invite a partner who uses a different platform without any nature of the trouble. Our video conferencing technologies are developed for handling such situations with dial-in instructions guiding users to work with different systems. Audio is a critical element of meeting room communication, whereas most companies opt for going all-in with video calls. But other companies may have still wanted the option for audio conferencing. Our offerings involve both audio and video conferencing technology enclosed in just a single room. We will just our AV partner clients for getting to know in the design process for including the functionality along with design.


Control Panel

Our well-thought-out control panel is critical for business success. These control panel solutions act as a control center for the comprehensive conference room audiovisual system. This user interface on the control panel smoothen employee experience in the conference room and inter-connects video calls or launch business presentations. This particular system also allows businesses for transitioning from a screen-sharing presentation to video conferencing with just a single touch. We cater hardware for the system control that aims at offering excellent conference room solutions with appropriate programming. Our control systems are programmed for working with all-conference room equipment, and thus save businesses from the headache of putting it all together and ensure benefits of high efficiency.


Microphones & Speakers

Audio/Visual elements in conference rooms namely microphones and speakers are an important addition. These can be everything ranging such as in-ceiling, on-table, or sound-bars mounted below the display. As per the intention of businesses, we use the best advantage of the room and the features of the space with the right mix of microphones and speakers. Appropriate criteria of microphones and speakers will have a large impact on the overall conferencing experience. Designing and setting-up microphones our experts ensure minimization of echo, feedback, and other noises building error-free and peaceful environments ideal for conference participants.



Camera equipment is always necessary and these can be range right from a small camera in a huddle room to sophisticate in larger spaces. Respective to each business's huddle room furniture configuration, we incorporate cameras with a 180 degree viewing angle. Huddle rooms are small collaboration spaces in which tables and chairs are usually pushed closer to the display and camera. Thus our 180-degree camera viewing angles will ensure no participant is left out of the field of view. The application of pan-tilt-zoom cameras is also common among our clients who have large conference rooms. Our experts have deep expertise and thorough knowledge of the multitude of camera brands and a variety of manufacturers who offer these types of cameras. Our video conferencing platform guides each business's camera requirements and preferred camera solutions. 



Businesses have broadly three choices while considering connectivity- wired, wireless, or a perfect combination of both wired and wireless. All these options come with pros and cons, and ultimately this will be cut down to a matter of each business's preference. Most businesses prefer wireless connectivity simply because it eliminates all kinds of clutter of cords, but table inserts hide connectivity efficiently with a typically higher-quality and stable business presentation experience. Our services also avoid clutters by choosing connected table boxes for including electrical outlets for charging and wired connection for electric plugs and plays. For businesses who have the demand infrastructure of screen sharing without plugging in, our wireless connectivity solution will be the right choice. 


Interactive Whiteboard

Host brainstorming sessions in the office or work side by side with people that are visual learners with our interactive whiteboard solutions. This valuable tool comes in handy for the addition of a system of conference room equipment. Upgradable with interactive displays, our whiteboard solutions will also support presenters to write directly on whiteboards in varying colors and annotation over web pages or documents. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom enables users to use the full advantage of the whiteboard and share the information with other participants in real-time or soon after the conference is completed. This technology can be quite helpful if employees present their business presentations over video conferencing and thus can develop a much more interactive experience for the others on the call.


Room Scheduling 

Rooms scheduling is a pivotal step for harnessing increased efficiency and valuable analytics. Equipping room scheduling operations with our robust hardware system built for workplaces, our room scheduling solutions can be quite fruitful. With featuring both a touch-panel display, these sit outside the room as well as a LED lights up red or green respective to the room's availability. With room scheduling turning red or green as per the room availability, our solutions allow others to identify whether they are available for a meeting or not. With touch panel displays that report every schedule, meeting title, and invited participants businesses can maintain a peaceful, smooth business atmosphere and operations. Employees can also further schedule a meeting room with the application of Outlook or Google Calendar by forwarding invitations of the room just like a colleague is invited. Businesses can also make full utilization of such solutions as these share room analytics of key usage data such as hours each room is reserved, meeting frequency at time intervals, and the overall average length of meetings. 

Benefits of AV Enabled Solutions


  • Well equipped AV Solutions with a minimum cost of hiring equipment and inturn minimization of overall maintenance cost

  • Hassle-free communication and collaboration when compared with traditional phone calls enabling teams for working across the globe

  • Enhanced meeting outcomes by a comprehensive integration of smartboards, microphones, built-in-homes, speakers, etc

  • Efficient and effortless meeting set up with simplified, connective, and presentation display with just a click of a button eliminating issues of unsightly cables and retrofitting to existing rooms

  • Boost in sales with essential and persuasive digital signages and merchandising displays 

  • Easy grab of attention with seamless, crystal clear displays 

  • Much affordable for small to medium-sized businesses increasing productivity and decreasing logistics and infrastructure costs.


Why outsource your Audio/Video solution requirements to TERAIT?


  • Strategic decision making, seamless collaboration, contextual conservation, and seamless security

  • Tailored solutions for meeting unique challenges and complexities 

  • 10+ experience in catering to Auditorium Solution requirements

  • Team of well-qualified and experienced engineers. technicians, data analysts, software engineers.

  • Faster, easier and economical services

  • Periodic skill enhancement training to our workforce for keeping them well informed of the latest technological practices

  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 

  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 

  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.


Thus simplify and streamline the technology in boardrooms, with Terait's integrated solutions that simplify the installation process and practical usage, as well as the overall technical maintenance, reliability, and scalability. With 10+ years of experience, Teriat hardware solutions have evolved over touch panel and control system. We have transformed ourselves as an ideal service provider for definitive sourcing- both central and global controlling and management & presentation of business information. 

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