Conference room AV Solutions

Conference room AV Solutions

Maximize the productivity of your business meetings with TERAIT's Conference Room AV solutions. Modernizing meeting spaces and setting the basics for optimum teamwork, productivity, and communication, our comprehensive range of audio/visual meeting room solutions will benefit businesses to the best. With well seasoned and skilled designers, engineers, and programmers we blend flexibility and future-proofing feature of visual/audio technology.

Businesses who have the notion of effective improvement of efficiency in their conference rooms can benefit from our assistance in driving successful collaboration, communication, and presentation across your organization. Implementing appropriate technologies ranging from the wire-less presentation, room booking systems, and video conferencing systems, our specialists make sure the participant's conference rooms experience perfection par excellence. This smooth environment encourages users to exhibit the best use of their skill-sets. Cementing exceptional relationships while collaborating with our technology partners, we deliver audio/visual system solutions at optimum commercial terms. 



Following are the solutions we offer under our Conference Room solutions:

Room Control Systems

Smoothen the management of conference room technologies and compile a uniform experience throughout the spaces with intuitive control panels. Designing, deploying, and supporting audio-visual systems of conference spaces our expert specialists unify communications and interactive technologies for the enhancement of teams for collaboration. With exceptional experience and process refinement, we always stay par above our competitors as global integrators of room control systems. 

Automating technology we suffice the requirement for unified automation, control systems, and hardware throughout an entire conference room facility. Right from inception, we prioritize simplifying the user experience and safeguarding organizational assets. Our control solutions will support businesses in automating and controlling valuable systems and equipment through a centralized structure. 

For businesses who require automation of standardized features within a room ranging from lighting, audio, temperature, window coverings, or control specific hardware devices, our room control options deliver comprehensive flexibility and functionality as per business requirements. The resultant solution transforms complexity into simplicity, encouraging users for focusing on their work and not the technology involved in it. Our well-tailored Room Control Systems fits perfect for office spaces and meeting rooms for smooth controlling everything right from Audio Visual sources to lighting.

Video Conferencing

Benefit video conferencing capabilities with our video conferencing solutions that empower teams in connecting and communicating with customers through effective video conferencing and collaboration systems. Our comprehensive video conferencing solutions empower participants for quick kick-off and execution of video conferencing requirements. Integrating end-to-end video conferencing architecture, we incorporates an intelligent network for delivering a highly secure, reliable, and overall better user experiences.

Businesses can experience quality connections by effective integration of video conferencing capabilities driving collaboration interaction. Working best for mobile and distributed workforces, video conferencing is transforming into a key part of the collaboration. The pervasive medium of Video Conferencing allows professionals to join online meetings and do conference meetings at a minimum budget. This non-verbal communication platform accentuates communication, relationships, and productivity. 

Following are the advantages of Video Conferencing: 


  • Improved decision making with minimum communication delay 
  • Reinforced trust and understanding across diverse and cross-functional teams
  • Minimum employee hassle over travel, environmental impact, and real estate costs 
  • Hassle-free knowledge sharing with employees, customers, and stakeholders 

Supporting video conferencing to and fro computer desktops, mobile devices, and conference rooms, we ensure transparent and consistent business interactions and experiences simplifying administration, deployment, and troubleshooting. Our affordable solutions cater superior scale requirements, and enable businesses any-to-any video connectivity with application, deployment, maintenance, and integration of appropriate technologies.


Room Booking Systems

Eliminate the friction and complexity of conference room scheduling with our room booking systems. Simplifying meeting room, visitor, and vendor management into a centralized, scalable, easy-to-use solution straight into the cloud we ensure businesses and their stakeholders a peaceful booking experience. Maximizing meeting room spaces, cutting down administration time, and introducing innovative booking processes into workspaces, our cloud-based room booking solutions support businesses in scheduling and management of meeting rooms, business services, video conferencing, and hospitality through a unified global system. 

Advantages of Room Booking systems: 


  • Hassle-free management of reservations and services by robust monitoring and management of vendors and in-house team irrespective of time zones and locations.
  • Booking in outlook calendar for rooms, visitors, and video conferencing
  • Management of meeting on the move regarding booking through intuitive mobile applications 
  • Effective visitor management, saving unwanted efforts 
  • Smoother inter-channel business communications with skype or other business room systems that integrate with room booking functionalities for improved meeting experience.
  • Comprehensive workspace insight from elements such as space usage and resource requirements alongside detailed business reporting. Thus this functionality helps businesses in making better decisions.


Wireless Presentation Solutions

Enjoy seamlessly, hassle-free, and user-friendly wireless presentation systems that support presenters in sharing presentations in a smooth and straightforward approach without the troubles of wires, cables, and adapters. Encouraging professionals to work in close partnership, our wireless presentation solutions facilitate smoothened business collaboration and empower businesses for easy knowledge sharing and expertise, in turn saving time and effort. Thus our range of wireless solutions eliminates cables and ensures faster, intuitive & secure content sharing in conference rooms. Our wireless presentation solution drives intuitive and smooth presentation and collaboration by supporting participants in connecting their devices using cables and adapters. Supporting professional presentation, our solutions are equipped with a multitude of features that helps to get the most of the presentations encouraging closer collaboration and more customer engagement. 

Advantages of Wireless Presentation solutions


  • Quicker access and easy setup for presentation using a wi-fi connection
  • User-friendliness empower employees for easy setting up and management with minimal IT involvement taking the strain off the IT department
  • Supporting employees for bringing their own devices these screen sharing systems cater to a wide range of devices and connections
  • De-cluttering conference rooms from messy and unorganized wire wireless presentation systems, we ensure a smart and well-organized meeting space.
  • Optimum collaboration between audiences allowing multiple presenter options, video conferencing applications, and screen sharing access to remote employees and clients irrespective of the geographical location.

Benefits of Conference AV Solutions 


  • Faster crisis management and product time to market
  • Improvements in employee morale
  • Improved communication for inventory management and others
  • Better engagement of human capital resources
  • Improved decision making and communication between company experts and leaders
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized travel expenses


Why outsource your Conference AV Solutions to TERAIT?


  • Strategic decision making, seamless collaboration, contextual conservation, and seamless security
  • Tailored solutions for meeting unique challenges and complexities 
  • 10+ experience in catering to conference  AV Solution requirements
  • Team of well-qualified and experienced engineers. technicians, data analysts, software engineers.
  • Faster, easier, and economical services
  • Periodic skill enhancement training to our workforce for keeping them well informed of the latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.
  • Thus meeting rooms are said to be crucial spaces for IT organizations and businesses for driving collaboration, teamwork, and decision making. Combining AV and UC&C technology, Terait's conference AV solutions empowers and enables processes, while also controlling temperature, lighting, and air quality for ensuring participants work in best-in-class environmental conditions. 

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