Data Backup Services

Data Backup Services

TERAIT's Data backup services cater protection that businesses require for maintaining the security of business data. We give safeguarding the protection of letting businesses keep all of their business data with optimum security. With such kind of services in place, businesses can drive accessing, reviewing, and safeguarding of both their customer and business data from malicious and accidental data loss events. Providing data backup and recovery services from independent software vendors or managed service providers, we focus on easy efficient, and secure business data back up. Catering business-critical tools and required support for making business data protection efforts much easier, efficient, and with maximum security. Taking up the responsibility for backup development, data management, storage, and recovery processes, our experienced professionals will take up the role more responsible and professional than the in-house workforce. 


We understand data backup and recovery services to represent the reliable option for keeping the businesses up and moving. With all those kept peacefully in a place, businesses can cut downtime. money and resources that a required for the maintenance of backup and restoration. Making data protection, backup, and recovery services represent an ideal way for a smooth and reliable option supporting businesses for running smoothly and reliably. With an ideal servicer provider for support, businesses can minimize the time, money, and resources required for maintenance of backups and restoration. 

Strengthening business data protection through a flexible, secure cloud and on-premises storage, our data backup service benefits speed, flexibility, security, and cloud-restoration capabilities. These cloud storage capabilities ensure reliable backups for keeping the stored data complete and recover-ready.
Making sure everything from business files and folders to entire servers are much defended against data loss with backups of exactly, businesses can't afford for losing ready to be recovered. Our offsite data backup services, maintain extreme levels of security for reducing the impact of common causes of data loss such as accidental deletions, hardware failures, fires, floods, or any other natural disasters. We cherish the responsibility for the management of IT services for lead business customers all of whom utilize it for the attraction and retainment of customers.


Following are the business data backup services that businesses can benefit from: 

Onsite-to-cloud backup capabilities

Our online backup services provide efficient, secure backup and restore capabilities for any varied backup and restoration options. With cloud-based and offsite data backup services, businesses can ensure both high-speed data backup, recovery services, and end-to-end encryption for all customers' data associated with the business. Its quite clear how the option of cloud-based data backup services has become increasingly the best backup plan. 

Integration with RMM and PSA tools

After sufficing the requirement of customer data protection with a data backup service, businesses should be able to recover business data efficiently for meeting recovery objectives. Throughout the entire recovery process, businesses require data backup services that maintain optimum levels of data protection through secure encryptions for all niches of business data namely transit and at rest.

The best way for meeting these requirements is incorporation and recovery services already predesigned for the integration of existing remote management and monitoring tools. Ensuring seamless implementation and connection into existing processes, data backup will ensure business investments for simplifying as it comes on board. 

Pay-as-you-go licensing

Empowering businesses for accessing data backup and recovery services on a pay-as-you-go basis allows clients for saving money. This also makes smoother monthly billing through simple data backup service usage tracking. Our data backup and recovery services enable businesses to initiate effective pricing models that fetch more profitability. 

Data backup service white-labeling

Growth in scale and reputation of businesses forces them in the maintenance of brands that are much distinctive from other vendors. With remote data backup services that are accurately designed for MSP customers with white labeling, businesses can gain expertise and reliability while staying consistent over brands, logos, and more. This gives businesses the support for delivering top quality service for enhancing their service offering and an opportunity for looking and sounding all operations are intact. 

Comprehensive Cyber protection for data backup 

Data backup services are a critical part of keeping IT businesses productive, secure, and successful through accidental or malicious data loss events. The reliance on data for businesses is growing and the rising cyber threats are getting sophisticated every day. Our business data backup services are enough for ensuring the protection businesses require by thriving the IT concerns of cybersecurity and data protection. We seamlessly drive into a unified focus over cyber protection. 
Terait balances the five vectors ranging from cyber protection, safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS), with the crucial goals for data protection and cybersecurity for delivering robust defense possible. We constantly enhance our data backup services for making them an effective comprehensive solution. Our experts develop a series of innovative businesses data backup services that are designed for meeting the unique requirements of organizations starting right from start-ups to globally-recognized enterprises.

Cloud Deployment 

Our data backup allows IT businesses for safeguarding the protection of business data across 20 platforms and recover data irrespective of place and time. Supported by our best-in-class cloud-based data backup service and add-ons, users can benefit from more flexibility, operational speed, and security over maintaining diverse levels of data everything from individual files to folders, entire systems, or applications. All business data that are stored in our cloud will be available in a matter of clicks without the risk of getting into the hands of cyber-criminals. 

Cyber Backup Cloud 

Our cyber backup cloud is one of the leading cloud backup-as-a-service solutions, a data backup service that allows users for safeguarding virtual, physical, or cloud with zero upfront costs. This also turns out to a simple pay-as-you-go business model designed for helping businesses reach ROI faster. Supporting optimum flexibility and scalability, our Cyber Backup Cloud features protection over any kind of workload and backup capabilities to on-premises destinations and diverse cloud storage destinations such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc. Such solutions in place at IT organizations equip IT, team, with backup and recovery capabilities. This capability and its benefits streamline supports & secure all workloads exactly as per your requirement. Businesses can take a seamless IT defense with Cyber-protection from our side. 



Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery services

  • Quicker and vigorous accessibility to business data
  • Effective backup and recovery plan for letting access to critical files, irrespective of any unfortunate incidents such as drive failures.
  • Users will have access of business data irrespective of their geographic location with just a stable internet connection
  • Protection against Power failure inturn minimizing independency of power source
  • Efficient backup and recovery strategies for saving users 
  • Data versioning for supporting backups and document recovery
  •  Anti-virus protection against cyber-attacks, computer viruses, and ransomware attacks 
  • Effective safeguarding against Hard Drive Failure
  • Protection against Operating System Failure due to improper memory allocation, software corruption or recursive application errors.


Why outsource your Data Backup and Recovery services to TERAIT?

  • Development of appropriate cloud migration strategy without putting business data at risk
  • Cost efficient cloud solutions for taking advantage of cloud capabilities
  • Flexible managed services as per cloud needs, knowledge, and ability. 
  • Scalability over Cloud growth seamless on company requirements 
  • Tailored cloud solutions for management of cloud environments
  • Centralization of cloud management operations 
  • Well experienced, skilled, and qualified team of cloud computing specialists 
  • Freeing IT teams from system management while delivering enterprise-grade data security, capacity, replication, performance, and public cloud availability 
  • Easy leveraging of preferred clouds and switching between them at any time based on the needs of applications. 
  • Elimination of vendor lock-in as data, independent of the cloud.

Businesses must come to an understanding that disasters are prone to happen, regardless of what the equipment is. Minimizing the resultant effects is only possible with the preemptive measure each business take for mitigating such flaws. Preparing for a disastrous event, there involves designing a keen understanding of the policies, tools, and backup procedures that should be taken for enabling a smooth recovery and continuation of the business. We at TERAIT drive time-to-time backups and establish efficient safeguarding processes for protecting irreplaceable business data. Thus our result-oriented backup and disaster recovery solution, businesses can combine comprehensive processes of data recovery into a unified service that verifies storage, designing, testing, monitoring, assistance over restoration, failover, reporting, and more. 

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