IT Bio-metric solutions

IT Bio-metric solutions

Safeguard the infrastructure, business information, and Softwares from external malware with TERAIT's Biometric solutions. Taking use of this cutting-edge technology of identifying human features, our biometric recognition system boosts great convenience by replacing passwords and assisting law enforcement in easily catching criminals. TERAIT is a leading service provider of biometric authentication solutions. We strive in researching and perfecting biometrics authentication technologies ranging from fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, facial recognition to iris and voice recognition. Our unique and highly accurate biometric authentication technology solutions have been deployed across diverse geographical locations where businesses for effective utilization of digital content safely and securely.

Studying the ever-growing market requirement for a futuristic and accurate attendance system, we at Terait brings real-time and error-free Biometric attendance management systems. Our biometric attendance machine supports business organizations or enterprises in maximizing their productivity and optimize their resources. Our real-time biometric attendance systems are effectively utilized for employee attendance and garner the capability for analyzing gain from invested man-hours.
Our biometric time and attendance system will not only maximize your security amongst the workers but ensure complete protection of the working environment side-by-side by safeguarding your company's valuable data. Our attendance management/Biometric system renders secured access control and authorization by accurate tracking & maintenance of the entries & exits of each employee to another. TERAIT's Biometric system solutions deliver a boundless attendance solution for both businesses or enterprises, broadly applicable and accessible at varied geographical locations. Acknowledging an individual's physiological features such as fingerprint, iris, and face detection we ensure registering the attendance while eliminating any degree of manipulation through proxy attendance at the workplace.

Following are the niches of Biometric solutions we cater to: 


Face recognition: This technology involves analyzing unique patterns of an individual's face by comparison and analysis of any niche of facial contours. Application in security and law enforcement, such solutions also authenticate identity and unlock devices ranging from smartphones, tablets to laptops.

Iris recognition: Studying the unique patterns of an individual's iris, inside the eye surrounding the pupil, this technology is generally used in security applications. Fingerprint scanner: Capturing the unique pattern of ridges and patterns on fingers, this technology can authenticate individual access permissions. 

Voice Recognition: Testing the unique sound waves in one's voice note of speech inputs to devices, this technology verifies individual identities.

Hand Geometry: Measuring and recording the length, thickness, width, and surface area of an individual's hand, such technology can be an apt adjustment for security applications. 

Behavior characteristics: Analyzing individual interactions such as walking style, keystrokes, handwriting, nature of using the mouse, and other movements this technology can easily access the individuality of each person. 


Following are our Biometric Solution offerings: 


Identifying and accessing threats and security risks to businesses, our experts suggest the best solutions. our experts work side by side with them for business requirements for identifying, implementing, and integrating biometric authentication products/solutions as per business requirements. Devising a roadmap for the development and installation, our programmers, engineers, and system specialists will ensure a smooth transition throughout the process. 



We provide best-in-class biometric installation services with well-experienced technicians. Our biometric attendance installation service is delivered by professionals who have the best knowledge about such biometric systems. Providing optional backup our technicians will also look onto the latest card, Fingerprint, & Face Recognition based System. While installation, we stick onto biometric systems that have high quality, accuracy, and ease for use along with optional power backup.


Maintenance and updations

Our experts engage in catering best-in-class bio-metric fingerprint attendance machine repair services for our clients. Our services are highly competent in ensuring that the repaired fingerprint devices scan accordingly along with precision and minimize the chances of mistake. We fix all types of bio-metric attendance machines for face-detection, finger-print, networking, hanging, network connection issues, and support for all problems related to button malfunctions, damaged screens, and everything related to installation and configuration. 

Benefits of Biometric attendance system 

  • Error-free payroll calculation in a single touch
  • Elimination of employee proxy
  • Minimized cost and manpower
  • Catering of real-time information
  • Restriction of unauthorized access
  • Maximum employee efficiency
  • Effective leave and holiday management
  • Multiple data gathering 
  • Comprehensive employee detail reporting 
  • Cloud-based platform access for data
  • Employee attendance report generation
  • Live Attendance Tracking
  • Centralized Data Collection 
  • Individualized attendance tracking and monitoring
  • Report Scheduling
  • Time-Attendance Management for varying shifts

Why outsource your IT Biometric solutions to TERAIT?

  • Team of well experinced and qualified IT Biometric specialists
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • 10+ experience in catering to biometric requirements
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.

We merge extensive R&D capabilities along with advances in Artificial Intelligence for delivering superior voice biometrics and passive voice & face liveness detection software. We have extended unique products working across mobile, web, and telephone channels, as well as conversational interfaces, ranging from IoT devices to embedded hardware for improving security and significantly minimize friction alongside the user experience.

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