VoIP and Phone Services

VoIP and Phone Services

Simplify business communications by planning to shift your businesses through cloud technology or an on-site investment with the applications. Enjoy TERAIT's highly advanced and unified communications solution for your businesses by partnering with us at affordable plans that come up with VoIP, cloud PBX, conferencing, and much more features. Many global businesses are choosing VoIP technology as their communication solution for carrying out all operations carried out in the office. Making mobile phones and smart devices compatible with VoIP, we integrate seamlessly for catering the best experience. 

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP refers to any technology that allows businesses to make and receiving phone calls much over the Internet in real-time. Designing a comprehensive set of protocols working side by side, our solutions deliver internet telephony functions that are much similar to regular phone lines or public switched telephone networks. Our VoIP phone service support businesses with flexibility and mobility much better than traditional telephony. Catering voice calling functions over internet connections, these VoIP and phone solutions also allow smooth usage of Voice over IP from irrespective location through laptops, desktops, or smart devices.


Following are the services TERAIT delivers under VoIP and Phone Services:

Diverse phone service functionalities

Our VoIP solutions is an all-inclusive virtual phone system that comprises internet fax, voice, text, conferencing, and more. With transparent VoIP plans and pricing, businesses can benefit from our solutions by saving time and revenue.

VoIP Telephone Service with Virtual PBX

Get benefited from advanced routing capabilities through a well-hosted PBX system. This way, all incoming calls are automatically routed to the right person or department, giving your business a more professional image.


Premium inbound call management features

Aside from advanced call routing capabilities, Terait also offers different call management features to help you communicate more effectively. Customize how incoming calls are handled during and after business hours, set up a dial-by-name directory, and use a multi-level auto attendant. All this makes it easier for callers to reach your business.


Customizable user experience

End-users are also able to personalize how they receive their calls, which includes customizing call screening for identification of callers, forwarding calls to desired multiple phone numbers chronologically, and setting up notifications for getting informed over missed calls, SMS, voicemail, and online faxing.



The need for VoIP phone services for businesses 


  • Affordable and expensive hardware required by letting businesses and save money upfront
  • Free of cost VoIP calls to long-distance calls, with nominal fees
  • Equipped with standard business features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and others
  • Additional extensions that demand fewer clicks or taps on the admin control panel

Terait is a leading service provider of VoIP services which deliver custom modern VoIP system that benefits businesses with a reliable and unlimited telephony solution. Our solutions also come with equipped features ranging from caller ID, video conferencing, SMS, and even faxing to help businesses communicate better.


Why choose TERAIT as your VoIP and phone service provider?

  • Certified and reputed VOIP and phone Service provider 
  • Well experienced and skilled VoIP and phone service provider 
  • Easy, simple step devoid of complicated installations compiled with appropriate business communication requirements
  • Mobile and flexible VoIP system that leverages internet for enabling businesses in making calls, hosting, joining conferences and sending & receiving fac SMS irrespective of the location 
  • No hardware requirement for servers and PBX boxes, but just internet-connected devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile devices 
  • 24/7 customer support right from implementation to technical assistance requirement
  • Robust phone service plans

As an ideal VoIP phone service provider partnering with TERAIT can support businesses in enhancing customer management with timely and professional customer service. Our systems are tested and researched by dozens of leading business phone services and regard us as their recommendations. Businesses can together with a methodology for making the ideal choice for your workforce and your customers. With an efficient management platform, we simplify the process of operating the system and ensure it's running at the highest level irrespective of the location.


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