Huddle Room Solutions

Huddle Room Solutions

Leverage the power of Audio/video collaboration with TERAIT's Huddle Room solutions. Make happen prompt sync-ups, productive team brainstorming, and weekly check-ins with huddle rooms equipped with a flexible range of easy-to-manage video solutions build for powering up collaboration. IT businesses can huddle up and get ahead with TERAIT, to collaborate between remote team members for smoothening and solving problems much quicker. Developing best-in-class software and hardware-based video conferencing solutions, we assist organizations in the expansion of access to reliable huddle rooms. Empowering businesses with more flexibility, we assist employees in becoming much more interactive for business opportunities and client requirements.

Huddle rooms are transforming into 'Most Productive Spaces' for many niches of businesses including IT. With improved collaboration, adopting small meeting spaces for businesses irrespective of the sizes and industries are readily investing a part of their physical space and capital in designing multiple huddle rooms within IT organizations. Our effective collaboration solutions support small teams for setting up the entire boardroom. Significantly increasing IT operational efficiencies, we assure our huddle room design for boosting the overall productivity.

Our Huddle Room solutions are as follows: 

Wireless Content Presentation

We believe in the popular and impactful wireless content sharing feature necessary for modern office huddle rooms. Incorporating room displays that receive wireless content with a wide range of wireless presentation devices. The appropriate orientation of the device allows multiple simultaneous connections will ensure smooth connectivity for presenters and minimize the transition time between presenters. Investing in video conferencing alone as a tool will smoothen and nurture natural hassle-free interactions between workforce located at multiple remote locations. But including audio conferencing capabilities is a low-cost option for collaborating even in low bandwidth and hampering connection. Our engineers equip offices with the flexibility for choosing the nature of the meeting and ensure savings for the organization. We focus on the quality of audio/video conferencing as our extensive work stays uncompromised in improving customer experience par excellence. 

Minimal and functional furniture

We analyze the workforce strength who will utilize huddle rooms for diverse niches of interactions. With minimal furniture, we also ensure mobility depending on the requirements. Blending functionality such as cable cubbies, we ensure a clutter-free environment that simplifies the business processes even further.

Software codecs or Cloud VC for video conferencing

Growing businesses require potential solutions that deliver a higher return on investment. We understand how professionals are required to collaborate remotely with the limitations of traditional hardware-based VC codecs. Our Cloud VC solution can nurture further benefits of simpler manageability and minimal expenditure. We also blend services such as Webex, Skype for Business, Zoom, Bluejeans can power huddle rooms, for powering up useful features such as recording and streaming of meeting video for making video collaboration much easier to use.

Optimization of Room Acoustics and Lighting

Most of the service providers don't give much focus to factors such as acoustics and lighting. Significantly impacting on VC quality, we will also closely consider aspects such as audio treatment for improvement of audibility and sound insulation for ensuring privacy and elimination of external noise. With a best-in-class microphone, setup, we will also enhance the overall audio quality. Similarly, the huddle room lighting deserves appropriate attention, for ensuring sufficient illumination over participants without any glares that minimizes the quality for remote users. 

Addition of interactivity with annotation capabilities

Incorporating innovative collaboration tools allow us to present business information in creative ways instead of presentations over whiteboards. With high-end touch-interactive displays, we empower presenters for crafting drawings and annotating content. These also come with capabilities for capturing notes and sharing them digitally increasing their utilities for the presenter. We can also upgrade conventional flat displays with the addition of screen overlays and loading software onto the presentation computer. Understanding IT organizations invest in video conferencing for smoother and natural interactions with remote working teams. Equipping rooms with user requirements, we maximize the flexibility for choosing as per the nature of the meeting. 

Application of Minimal and functional furniture

As teams of various sizes are expected to utilize huddle rooms for different types of interactions, it makes sense to have minimal furniture. It should be mobile enough to be moved around depending on the requirements. Seating for 4-5 people is common but it is a good idea to choose or create furniture with additional functionality like integrated cable cubbies for a clutter-free environment. Wireless presentation technology can help simplify this even further.

Software codecs or Cloud VC 

Business growth demands growing solutions that deliver a higher return on investment. As more teams are required for remote collaboration, the capital for traditional hardware-based VC codecs becomes a limitation. IT organizations can opt for a laptop-based or a soft VC solution which costs much less and lets participants connect and present to remote locations. With the Cloud-VC solution, businesses can bring further benefits of smoother manageability and affordable costs. With services such as Webex, Skype for Business, Zoom, Bluejeans, we can power huddle rooms, and blend useful features of recording & streaming of meeting video for making video collaboration much easier to use.

Optimization of Room Acoustics and Lighting

Most IT organizations make significant investments in AV equipment for huddle rooms, but factors such as acoustics and lighting are not getting ample attention. These capabilities will bring forth a significant impact on VC quality and should therefore have a worthy closer consideration. To ensure this we give ample attention to aspects such as audio treatment for improvement of audibility and sound insulation for safeguarding the privacy and eliminating all kinds of external noise. With professional-level microphones including in the setup we can optimize the audio quality too. Room lighting requires necessary attention for ensuring sufficient illumination on the face of participants without the occurrence of glare that hampers the overall quality for remote users.

Addition of interactivity with Annotation capabilities

There is a multitude of latest collaboration tools that businesses can present information in creative ways. But is your business still clung onto the presenting business information with the use of whiteboards. The latest generation and touch-interactive displays support drawings and annotating content. Assisting the presenter, our solutions will capture and share notes boosting the utilities he/she can take advantage of. Equipping conventional flat-displays with screen overlay and loading software onto the presentation computer, we ensure in every phase crispier environments much favorable for newer ideas. 

Benefits of Huddle Room solutions 

  • Hassle-free huddle rooms without a reservation system for imprompt working sessions without any suggesstions

  • Transformation of under-utilized business spaces to efficient ones with video conference technology required for productive meetings 

  • Perfectly sized small spaces without much waste of use of space

  •  Ideal for teams and remote workers for quick team meetings and syncing throughout the day

  • Inexpensive smaller workspace that needs smaller budgets and require less complexity

  • Cost effective and easier use of technology


Why outsource your Huddle Room solutions to Terait?

  • Strategic decision making, seamless collaboration, contextual conservation, and seamless security

  • Tailored solutions for meeting unique challenges and complexities 

  • 10+ experience in catering to huddling room Solution requirements

  • Team of well-qualified and experienced engineers. technicians, data analysts, software engineers.

  • Faster, easier and economical services

  • Periodic skill enhancement training to our workforce for keeping them well informed of the latest technological practices

  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 

  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 

  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking


Modern offices are shifting to Huddle room solutions as per the trend of open office plans where professionals share open floor plans much contrast to traditional closed offices or cubicles. Offices still might need private spaces for conducting meetings and conference calls without any kind of disturbance. Large traditional conference rooms run parallel with everyday collaboration requirements. Teraits value propositioned huddle rooms assures to gather space no matter how small and equips with high-quality audio and video conferencing solution that allows professionals for hassle-free communication and engagement. Terait's huddle room solutions infuse technology into collaboration spaces giving IT businesses instant access to the room's displays, speakers, microphones, web cameras, and other tools. 

Experience convenience and versatility for collaborating in a small and private setting without compromising over technology. Our unity solutions come packed with conferencing technologies that IT businesses won't have to attend directly. Contact Teraits for 360-degree coverage of meeting spaces for tracking and intelligently mixing interactions from around the table, empowering far-end conference participants for experiencing conversation as it unfolds, with real-time, collaborative experience. 

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