Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Client privacy is our priority and we maintain it. Every website visitors who choose to enter the website and stay on this website are hereby subjected to this privacy policy thus stated. 

Terait is an IT consultation company and has merged with our affiliates and subsidiaries have put together thus privacy poly for outlining data protection guidelines. Our privacy policy will discuss why and what information will be collected when each visitor enters our websites at and relative subdomains. The current document you are reading signifies you are currently visiting our website which is a digital face of the company. Strongly committed to delivering uncompromised customer experience while surfing throughout our websites, we share the materials clients will be interested in for prompt clarification of questions that arises for the uninterrupted functioning of the website for eliminating client annoyance. We hereby request assistance from our clients & website visitors by sharing their limited personal data with us. We believe the personal data to be handled solemnly for taking privacy much seriously. We have garnered this privacy policy for a transparent solicitation towards anyone who is committing to our website how we dwell with their personal-data and how it is used. This policy will also give ambient light for explaining the use of cookies.

The use of Personal Data 

The varied niche of personal data we collect through the multitude of approaches are used for a wide array of purposes as given below:

Website access and online services 

Website visitors can visit and its affiliate websites without surrendering their details or identity. But we hereby confess that we garner IP addresses, operating system details, browsing details, device and connectivity details, and/or language settings from every website visit. Measuring the number of visits, the average number of website visits, pages viewed, and similar information, we incorporate the same for site usage, improved content, and for ensuring safety & security for enhancement of website performance and customer experience.

We report hereby in advance, in certain situations, website visitors/ clients are required for registering to access over an authenticated area of the website. In such areas, we will also collect usernames and passwords. We may also collect customer data from third parties including Social networks if you have granted permission to us for accessing personal data over single or multiple networks through our website. We share our service providers who help us in determining location based on your IP address for customizing offerings and content to client locations.

We also share the same with partners with whom we cater co-branded services or joint marketing activities.
Taking use of cookies and other technologies related to it we facilitate hassle-free functioning of websites and ensure data collection. Our websites have links that forward to websites of third parties whose privacy practices are completely different from us. Any personal data shared with those websites will be completely governed by their privacy statements. 

Answering queries, support & contact requests

Any contact through queries, requests for more information related to our products/initiatives/generic support inquiries, would be taken as permission for processing personal & contact details, such as full name, company, & role, email, address, demographic data, qualifications & profession, and/or content of messages. Any query related to information about management of contact data, email subscriptions & promotional communications, can be forwarded to the contact us form.

Subscriptions to our promotional communications

Signing up for receiving marketing campaigns from us will be an affirmation for receiving our emails, posts, telephone calls, or any other means of communication. For guidelines regarding the management of contact data, website visitors can reach out to the contact details that are given in the event of privacy notice/emails received. 

Administration of events and initiatives

We ensure time-to-time events and initiatives, either free for joining or by invitation only. In such events, privacy notice applies for both participants and speakers along with any other supplementary information that is provided along with each event. Supporting participants for joining the events we collect and process pieces of information such as full name, the company, job title & business email address, telephone number, location, and/or pictures and video of visitors.

Whenever our services are provided, we collect, store and process sensitive personal data (SPI), ranging from dietary requirements or personal disabilities under the extended permission of the law. While recording pictures & videos clients will also be informed through specific notices at the recording location. These materials will be later used for compatible purposes as per the later notices. Collected client data will be used for contacting again for receiving feedback or providing commercial information about us.

Promotion of our brand, products, initiatives, and values along with marketing communications

Our robust, strong & legitimate interest in the promotion of our brand, products, initiatives, and values drives us in the processing of personal data. We collect client details such as name, contact details, or any other pieces of information such as job title, employer, business niche, and other business details. Processing such data with software or platforms allows businesses the management of client relationships. 

Collecting such data directly or indirectly from client third parties, business partners, data brokers, social networks, marketing companies, and publicly available platforms such as social media we comply with additional government restrictions where data is collected. We garner data from email & calendar systems that concern the interaction between our associates, contacts, or third parties.

Using client data for administration, management, and development of businesses and services. The data compiled from the identification of existing and potential client business requirements, analyzing and evaluating the strength of Terait's business interactions with certain business contacts, driving analytics that comprises of the development of metrics such as relationship guidelines for our business leaders. These are limited profiling for helping us develop and cater ideal products and services to current and potential clients. 

Performing business analytics with algorithms that assists us in analyzing and ranking client interactions for us to design client interaction frequency and duration. We may also send you marketing communications and surveys to carry out market research or provide information to you about us and our services which we have reason to believe would be of interest to you in your professional capacity. 

When reaching out to you, we may do so through different channels, such as email, phone calls, posts, or any other means of communication through social media platforms. With electronic marketing communications for business contacts via business-to-business contexts, we will have prior client consents as per the jurisdictions they are located in. Clients can opt-out from receiving such business communications at any time by informing our Data Protection Officers or Chief Privacy Officers through the 'contact us' form given on or our affiliate websites. All client names, quotes, pictures, or videos will be used for the promotion and amplification of Terait brand and business activities. In any such instances, clients will be priorly informed accordingly.

Management, administration, and fulfillment of obligations parallel with all contracts, and regulations

Terait is in a contractual relationship with clients, their employers, or companies, or is taking precautions for entering into such a contractual relationship. We may have to process client's data such as name, business contact details, and job titles for entering into and/or fulfilling the changing obligations from the same contract. Processing personal data for ancillary tasks as per our day-to-day business operations, such as accounting, auditing, reporting we complies with all applicable regulations.

Clients who are not cooperating with the surrendering of certain information must expect a delay in us administering the services requested. This will also cause delays in replying to their queries and/or in letting them join our initiatives. We use personal client data for purposes for which we collected it and will be done compatibly for original purposes and applicable law. If in any case, we require to use these for an unrelated purpose, we will not fail in notifying clients and explain all legal bases which allow us to do so accordingly. 

Personal Client Data Sharing- How we do? 

While sharing client data with third parties, such as third-party service providers and other entities. Please note, Terait under any circumstances will not choose to sell client data to any third party. Any data shared will be required for the fulfillment of additional purposes of a legal obligation or a legitimate business purpose per the permission of the law.

Why we share client data with third parties?

Sharing personal data with third-parties as to the permissions of law, where all legitimate activities to be mentioned above. We maintain respectable transparent relationships with third parties for respecting the security of client's data under the law. Whenever demanded by the law, we will request client consent much before data transfer to exterior third parties.

Which third-party service providers process client data?

All third-party service providers such as contractors, designated agents, and other entities come under the group and any bodies who are hosting and other internet services ranging from data storage and analytics, marketing research, and campaign management to event organizers & caterers. All external party service providers will be guided for taking appropriate security measures for safeguarding personal data in line with our company policies. No authorization will be given to third-party service providers for using personal data for their purposes. Permitting authorization for them to do the same for specified purposes as per the instructions and applicable law, we give attention to these are done with regulators and compliance of the law. 

Client data sharing- When? 

We share client data with other external entities side by side with time-to-time reporting activities over company performance. All these will be done in the context of business reorganizations or group restructuring exercise, maintenance, & support, and data hosting as per requirement for performing all activities stated above. 

Personal data sharing outside the country of residence 

We transfer personal data to more than one or more countries outside the country of residence or exterior to countries that may Barr access to this website, including India and the Philippines. In such instances, we drive appropriate measures for ensuring the security of personal data as per the laws of each country what the client resides. Clients/ Website visitors who require to have further information on the protective measures can contact our Data Protection Officers or send an email to