Server Virtualization Services

Server Virtualization Services

Make businesses future-ready with TERAIT's Server Virtualization services. With viable consulting services for companies, our offerings are aimed at maximized productivity with effective cutting down of IT infrastructure costs. Businesses switching to virtualization can enable control of workloads across diverse data centers for minimizing energy consumption and IT infrastructure. Catering end-to-end solutions with its expertise on market-leading platforms, we help businesses in switching over to virtualized IT environment and thus meet all requirements for efficient IT operations. 

With ever-evolving business and technical climates, it's becoming critical for businesses for responding and adapting to their IT environments to rapidly matching the changing requirements. Our server virtualization services is an effective technological approach that supports businesses in running multiple servers and applications on each physical server. Cutting down the number of machines in a particular data center or server room, our virtualization services can help businesses in leveraging the most out of virtualization technology and drive businesses ahead. 


Features of TERAIT's IT Virtualization Services

With customized IT Virtualization consulting solutions that sync with the business requirements of our clients, our domain specialists will help in the effective derivation of the benefits of virtualization for a comprehensive range of mission-critical business applications.


1.Optimum Agility

Accelerated virtualization of critical business applications for improvement of storage I/O performance

2.Boosted productivity

Smooth storage management and hardware consolidation for optimum productivity 


3.Extensive resource optimization

Efficient resource optimization by identification of available resources and division of available bandwidth into independent channels


4.Effective backup support and disaster recovery 

Devising of foolproof backup and disaster mitigation plan for effective management and storage of the critical customer data.

Following are the services we deliver under server virtualization: 


1.Virtualization Solutions
Collaborating with major players such as VMWare and Microsoft, our experts will develop the most advanced, cost-effective and result-oriented server virtualization solutions.


2.Virtualization Implementation
Small, medium and large-sized businesses can benefit from virtualization implementation by our team enabling virtualization for increasing flexibility and minimizing hardware and support costs. 


3.Virtualization Migration
Migrating IT environments from traditional and virtual, our virtualization migration offerings will assist businesses in simplifying these processes for eliminating all complexities related to migration. 


4.Virtualization Support
Offering remote support for virtual environments 24/7, our team of engineers and technicians will assist businesses in issues of any degree. 


5.Desktop Virtualization Services
Separating the desktop environment from the physical computer, our desktop virtualization services will be most useful for data centers where personalized desktop images for each user are hosted over a data center server.


6.Hardware Virtualization 
Development of virtual versions of computers and operating systems, our hardware visualization services will run diverse operating systems on the same hardware and support multiple users for using the processor simultaneously.


7.Network Virtualization
Merging available resources in a network by dividing the available bandwidth into independent channels, our network visualization services will assign or reassign a particular server or device in real-time.


8.Operating System (OS) Virtualization
Supporting IT businesses to operate in a single server our OS virtualization services will develop and assign dedicated servers for each OS. 


9.Server Virtualization
Thus a particular method of the partitioning of a single physical server into numerous virtual servers, our server virtualization services will devise an operating system, applications, and functions that run on its own. 


10.Storage Virtualization
Grouping of physical storage from multiple network storage devices for making it to a single storage device.


Apart from all these services that are listed above, we also ensure effective configuration, maintenance, and support of virtual servers for businesses irrespective of their size and types. For businesses who already have a virtualization setup or want to move on to one, TERAIT can help you in the achievement of their objectives.


Why Server Virtualization?


Even during varying workload and server space requirements of businesses, Virtualization can run with changes in realignment for fitting evolving requirements of businesses at the time of use. 


Irrespective of the organization's size, server virtualization is an effective approach for saving money in the long run by offering extensive flexibility in supporting the IT infrastructure.


Virtual servers can reduce environmental footprint significantly with minimum power consumption by cutting down the costs of heating and cooling.


Why businesses should outsource their server virtualization service requirements to TERAIT? 

  • 10+ years experienced as a reputed server virtualization service provider 

  • Highly experienced and skilled engineers and technicians 

  • Reliable, affordable, and secure IT environment 

  • Reduced expenditure 

  • Better scalability

  • Minimum hardware costs 

  • Better business continuity

  • Optimum flexibility

  • Maximum ROI 

  • Improved Security Centralized Management 

  • Non-disruptive Data Migration 

  • Smoother backup and disaster Recovery 

  • Overall Performance Augmentation


With a comprehensive understanding of business requirements and based on specification, TERAIT offers tailored visualization solutions. With a team of experienced technicians, consultants, and network administrators we deliver 24/7/365 for helping and supporting businesses. With our project managers working closely with businesses, they can ensure seamless and successful deployment of complex virtualization solutions. Our server visualization services will manage desktop virtualization, server virtualization, virtualized network services, and the deployment of the latest in virtual network security solutions. Partner with Terait solution for benefiting with Virtualization that ensures optimum utilization of resources under any kind of unexpected circumstances. Thus with proper assistance businesses can enable businesses for becoming more proficient in supporting wide organizational infrastructure.


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