Smart Classroom Solutions

Smart Classroom Solutions

Enhance learning experiences with TERAIT's Smart Classroom solutions. Fostering creativity and an interactive environment, we aim at bringing up innovative ideas, queries, and solutions. Our versatile smart classroom solutions are blended with innovative ideas and all solutions as per customer requirements. Broadening the comprehensive domain of knowledge, a person can acquire and drive encouragement with this informal learning medium. 

TERAIT is a flagship brand of Smart Classroom Solutions that sorts best-in-class technologies for the notion of delivering world-class digital modules or lessons to students through 2D and 3D animations, graphics, audio, and video. Teachers accessing and projecting in the classroom illuminated and explained abstract can benefit with amazing results. Pushing the frontiers of technology, with every customer solution, we strive the most for making it user-friendly, versatile, and optimum resourceful. Upgrading and improving continuously with metamorphic and transformational change, our experts execute the most comprehensive re-engineering for making smart-class solutions interactive and effective to the maximum. 

Tutors can also display a set of comprehensive questions on a large screen, that every trainees or student to answer with a personal answering device termed as SAS. This will enable tutors to get a score sheet for each participant for getting an understanding of how teaching efforts have seen desired results. Thus our smart solutions will deliver students or trainees a much quicker and accurate knowledge over the consequently improving the overall academic performance of students.

Following are the smart classroom solutions we cater to IT businesses and educational institutions: 

Smart Teaching Podium

Smart teaching podium solutions otherwise termed as multimedia e-lectern or smart podium can be quite useful equipment for teachers and presenters for delivering quality presentations and educational/training content by keeping comprehensive audio/visual technology at their fingertips. Delivering a working platform for computer-aided lectures/ presentations, these smart teaching podiums also come with spaces for storing every component right from CPU, laptop, visualizer, UPS, to microphone systems. These podiums can be quite appropriate solutions for individuals who are demanding audio/visual equipment in their lectures, presentations, speeches.

Advantages of smart teaching podiums 


  • Empowering connection through diverse display options including projector screens, interactive whiteboard, LED displays
  • Fingertip audio and video controls 
  • Combination of intelligent podiums along with touch interactive devices and touches interactive software 
  • Implementation of interactive teaching methods through audiovisual media 
  • Improved student enthusiasm and initiative
  • Space for improvement of audio and video capabilities 
  • Document Camera/Visualizer

Our Document camera/visualizer can be a well-designed digital presentation tool easier-for-usage and cater to superior image quality. These visualizers drive endless development of unique, forward-thinking capabilities, ranging everything right from single-touch recording, onboard annotation to standalone wireless operations. Capturing video and streaming solution for tablets supporting teachers for streaming, presenting, annotating, recording, and sharing live images/videos through iPad, Android/Windows, or PC/Mac. Thus incorporating visualizer solutions into the professional setting will revolutionize capturing and group presentation campaigns. 

Advantages of Document camera/visualizer


  • Capturing images and video content in the frame of the camera and displaying images on smart boards for optimum student engagement 
  • Flexible capabilities over lesson planning avoiding approaches such as teaching by reading textbooks and writing notes
  • Sharing of documents allowing students to read tutorial pages while listening to the reading. It's also a great way to share example works, display notes, and complete in-class assignments.
  • Assist in the development of video lessons that students can experience in person
  • Recoding of lessons and documents that aid for teaching which can be helpful for absentee-students
  • Support over 2D and 3D documents 
  • Productive teaching through quick scanning and storage of files with student access proving mass advantage over physical student copies
  • Constitute student learning with a multitude of approaches with or without audio or visual aids 
  • An optimum focus over individual students by freeing tutors from developing study guides
  • Minimized paper use for both environmental and budgetary reasons with cameras handling scanning requirements 
  • Easy portability 


Lecture recording system

Our lecture capture system comes with IP cameras and a lecture capture system for recording audio/video simultaneously in an Audio/Video environment. With best-in-class cameras and lecture capture systems, our solutions are effective in recording or live streaming a multitude of applications developed for lecture recording, and educational training. Capturing speaking engagement, with the application of a lecture capture station and high definition cameras, audiences can learn and catch up on missed events making it easier for tutors for driving enhanced streaming and recording of live events which are stored into hard drives and uploaded to cloud-based software platforms.

Advantages of Lecture Recording System

  • Supporting students for accessing course materials exterior to classrooms with a flipped-classroom approach
  • Saving and archiving of lectures freeing students from processing the information during the class period 
  • Accommodation of students with disabilities with captions and videos for lecture materials 
  • Optimum student or trainee engagement without the physical engagement of tutors
  • Inclusion of quizzes that helps students or trainees to apply their learning and testing their knowledge
  • Increased student-tutor interaction making online lecture content more of a two-way conversation

Interactive Whiteboard

IT businesses and educational institutions can ensure the application of our smartboard solutions for the encouragement of innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration. Inviting students and trainees to focus on class sessions via high-end digital whiteboard display, change details accordingly, and exchange data in real-time. Full application of network and touch-screen capabilities can prove to be fruitful for meetings, remote learning, etc. Converting classrooms or training rooms into collaborative spaces can urge students or trainees for brainstorming ideas much faster with real-time and two-way collaboration. Supporting tutors for writing, drawing, editing, and saving information accordingly while receiving feedback from trainees and students inside the classroom or from those who have logged in remotely. This can also be benefitting off-campus students saving time and ensuring active participation in tutorial sessions. 


Advantages of white-board solutions

  • Flexibility in content delivery such as streaming videos, websites, and sharing resources with students as per specified needs.
  • An improved learning experience for students and employees, assisting them in grasping information through varied approaches 
  • Increased level of information absorption, synthesis, and retention.
  • Optimum engagement among participants when discussing project plans or while solving business problems 
  • Sharing, accessing, editing, and saving important files on the whiteboard without any kind of hassles. 
  • Enhanced collaboration during the learning process or corporate discussions bringing more ideas that foster learning over in-depth coverage topics and improved performance 
  • Facilitated communication by enabling presenters to share screens or files even for remote attendees
  • Recording of information shared via whiteboard for reviewing and playback 
  • Effective Annotation of Documents allowing students to take notes
  • Persistent and elaborate changes to files during presentations
  • Interconnectivity with Mobile Devices both android and iOS 
  • Facilitated information sharing through touch technology to laptops or smartphones


Interactive displays

Businesses and educational institutions looking forward to blending interactive displays into their smart classrooms, our solutions can be highly beneficial for them. Our experts work with our clients for finding the right solution for ensuring collaboration within their institutions. Getting people together for pooling their ideas, sharing their knowledge, and interactive technology, our interactive displays can be a great addition to their smart classrooms. Our interactive panels and content-sharing applications facilitate and encourage co-operative working and the visual sharing of ideas. Offering a quick and hazard-free solution for room booking and management, our solutions can also save time and energy.

Ideal for group workshops, internal business operations training, and presentations, as well as an effective collaboration of business documents our interactive display solutions will make business meetings much more engaging. Much appropriate for businesses with a more remote workforce as these supports staff working off-site for having easy access to all niches of relevant business information.


Advantages of interactive displays 

  • Supporting active learning interactive flat panel displays ensures viewers engage with content by uncompromised involvement in the learning process. 
  • Successful student collaboration with active learning approaches for brainstorming, presenting, analyzing text or images, working through experiments, or engaging with interactive learning games.
  • Active student or trainee engagement enabling them to highlight key points, add video & audio clips, etc
  • Extra room for experimentation for students conducting labs and experiments at the display, working out equations as a combined team, and sharing their inquiry through screencasting for sparking group discussion. 
  • Development of critical readiness skills by supporting students for thinking critically, observing & analyzing, coming up with smart solutions, and answering questions that require extensive thought & exploration.
  • All-in-one solutions, for faster deployment with no virtual maintenance, greater maintenance, and minimal training saving IT time and costs
  • Easy smooth usage for tutors maximizing teaching time, recalibration, greater reliability, eliminating shadows & glare, easy cart mounting for resource sharing


Digital Teaching Device

Our Digital Teaching Solution enhances smart classroom infrastructure improving digital teaching devices for transforming education. This robust smart, organized, safe, aesthetically appealing, and user-friendly solution enriches classroom experiences. Supporting tutors with total control of complete set up over his/her fingertips, our Digital Teaching Solution is enriched with interactivity, display, web resources, annotation, audio & video collaboration, etc. Thus with easy & convenient interactive teaching & learning environment, our solution equips an engaging and interactive engaging classroom environment for catering to qualitative education.


Advantages of Digital Teaching Devices 

  • Diversified options for Windows or Linux operating system
  • Features ranging from interactivity, audio/video collaboration, web resources, annotation, etc.
  • Interactive and healthy teaching/learning experience 
  • Aesthetically systemized, organized, and user-friendly solutions
  • Minimum cable hassles with plug & play solution
  • Unified touch on/off functionality


Interactive teaching pad

Our interactive teaching pad solutions support teachers in delivering lessons by positioning in one place or trudging around the classroom. This a popular teaching tool for usage in digital classrooms, distance learning sessions, e-learning lectures. Integrated with computer systems or laptops, tutors can write remotely on interactive whiteboards, LED displays, projector screens, etc. Opening up newer possibilities of interaction these solutions also maximize student participation to the optimum extend.


Advantages of interactive teaching pad

  • Intuitive and easier usage of desktop, laptop, computers, or paper books for improved learning
  • A hassle-free connection between students, parents, and teachers with appropriate parental involvement of minimum absence and improved academic performance
  • Live real-time knowledge material enabling students to get tremendous knowledge over their fingertips
  • Addressing a multitude of learning styles with an efficient e-Learning arsenal for accomodating students with varying learning potential
  • Personalized approaches for individuals for varying learning styles 


Classroom audio system

Enhance training/classroom experience with the addition of multimedia audio through the audio input port. This solution enables students or trainees for connecting their smartphones, tablet, laptop, or any niche of the audio source for amplifying the tutor's voice. Automatically searching for speakers and initiating pairs, students only have to power on the microphone and speakers with no worry over the pairing and everything else. We cater to comprehensive instructional audio solutions for classrooms and distance learning applications. Helping overcome barriers to listen and learn, students can hear their tutors for receiving clearest instructions and support at the appropriate time.


Advantages of Classroom audio system

  • Audio 15 dB louder than classroom noise, and slightly lower than a tutor's voice.
  • Student attentiveness and comprehension
  • Improved student behavior and first-grade reading scores
  • A decline in tutor sick days caused by vocal fatigue
  • Minimum special education referral rates
  • Improved academic scores with reading & mathematics
  • Effective processing and filtering of sound 
  • Minimum classroom amplification system cost
  • Longer lifespan without any updates


Student response system

Our Student Response System solutions is a systematic and convenient approach for assessing student responses for classroom learning. Comprising of wireless student clickers, tutors clicker with a wireless receiver for recording, storage, and assessing of responses. Deployment of student response systems enables conducting live polls, quizzes, answer multiple-choice questionnaires that arise during classroom sessions. With this system, tutors can ask detailed questioning for students and collect answers from students & trainees through clickers. From the result generated our solutions will also compile graphical reports over the same in the form of pie charts, graphs, bar charts, etc. Equipped with all options for development and addition of courses, our software solutions are also compatible for conducting live polls and quizzes. 


Advantages of the student performance system 


  • Better student performance to the fullest potential 
  • Simplified and streamlined trainee or student tracking system for improving productivity much better than expectations 
  • Robust communication between students and tutors for clearing any kind of doubts without any fail
  • Easy access to tutors and parents for easy class management, attendance management, and tracking of any tasks assigned to students 
  • Effective time table management feature enabling tutors for scheduling classes and work accordingly without any kind of problems 



Very suitable for large classrooms, and lecture halls, our projector solutions transforms podiums and lecterns directly into smart collaboration hubs that can be used for front-facing teaching. Supporting educators for manipulating and controlling content, files, images, and annotations these solutions can also share content on a much larger front-of-classroom display.


Advantages of projector solutions 


  • Equipped with a laser phosphor light source for immersive color
  • Long-term usage and application for any kind of classroom or lecture hall.
  • Higher-brightness projection solutions that deliver clear images for large screens 
  • Out-of-the-box interactivity and ultra-short throw lens for interactive projectors suitable for presentation tools 
  • Short throw and ultra-short throw projectors for premium larger than life crystal clear images 
  • Ideal front-of-room presentation tools for effective group learning in classrooms and labs.
  • Benefits of smart classroom solutions
  • Enhanced Learning Experience with smart classroom technology and interactive whiteboards assisting students to fnd learning attractive, interesting and easy to understand 
  • Interactive learning experience for encouraging students/trainees for improved prolong remembering 
  •  Effective delivery of lectures with smart boards
  • Easy explanations with special effects and graphical representations
  • Easy online resource access & practicals solutions from the web
  • Time saving technology for making online presentations and teacher-student feedbacks
  • Intelligent data sharing 


Why outsource your smart classroom solution requirements to TERAIT?

  • Strategic decision making, seamless collaboration, contextual conservations and seamless security
  • Tailored solutions for meeting unique challenges and complexities 
  • 10+ experience in catering to Smart Classroom Solution requirements
  • Team of well qualified and experiecened engineers. technicians, data analysts, software engineers.
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • Periodic skill enhancement trainings to our workforce for keeping them well informed of latest technological practices
  • Unhindered client communication with round the clock customer support desk 
  • Extensively open towards customer suggestions and feedbacks 
  • Completion of project within assured time alongside responsible quality checking.

Data shared with the help of intelligent class technology is presented in a visual format that is more likely to engage the students. Not only students’ involvement but, they understand things more easily in minimal time. This motivates students and teachers accomplish pretty good results leading to improved productivity.
Technology-enabled classrooms paves a way for a smarter and much quality approach to education. Integrating advanced hardware and innovative software technology Terait can help your business, IT organization, or educational institutions to join the revolutionary concept of smart classrooms. We assure our smart or digital classroom solutions will foster creativity and an interactive environment that would help your businesses or institutions for bringing innovative ideas, more queries, and more solutions. Broadening the domain of knowledge that students and trainees acquire, we encourage this niche of informal learning through our VC solution. 

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