IT Desktop Support Services

IT Desktop Support Services

Refine the core infrastructure of your IT businesses for cutting down the requirements for desktop support. We at TERAIT, utilize enterprise-class computer support tools for driving employee productivity much more efficiently and effectively as per desiring quality. Catering comprehensive services for computer support, troubleshooting, and issue resolution at office hours through telephone support, remote utilities, or onsite/offsite support, Terait's offerings address workforce requirements much directly and immediately.

We understand workstations are the backbone of any business and it requires a minimum timelapse for every day for dealing with IT-related hassles. With Terait solutions on your side, businesses don't have to worry about finding different specialists for attending to various desktop systems. We are a one-stop solution for all business requirements over support requirements of monitors, printers, and more. All these pieces of system equipment require continuous maintenance and attention. Without any discrimination, our expert specialists work with each client's business preferences we ensure businesses can drive their team's productivity. 

Solving equipment hassles with remote support, partnering with us can benefit businesses with quicker responses, more uptime, and can get back to work much faster. With the assistance of remote monitoring and management software, our technicians and engineers solve time-to-time problems through on-site and off-site support. Optimizing business networks, servers, and applications for developing a much seamless, integrated experience, we maximize collaboration, productivity and ensures business-critical data are safeguarded regardless of the Operating System. 


Following are the services we cater for IT business's desktop support service requirements: 


Antivirus and Malware Protection

With cyber threats moving as a growing problem, businesses must ensure evolution within themselves for meeting them. Supporting businesses by catering employees with peace of mind while committing to the opening of emails, clicking links, or browsing the web, our help desk platforms cater immediate responses to threat alerts. Our approaches comprise of security software, licensing, configuration, and total integration. Providing antivirus and malware protection, our specialists go well and beyond better than an off-the-shelf solution.


Patch Management and Proactive Maintenance

Most of the data breaches sum up to poor patch management and blending effective patch management strategies are critical for the cyber-security of IT businesses. Monitoring each vendor for the latest updates, our specialists follow appropriate strict patch approval processes for assuring it's up-to-dateness and security.


Stress-Free Application Management

With a comprehensive set of applications, specifically designed for the industry niches of specific businesses, our experts cross-examine for compiling understanding of the ideal software solutions that suits them. Streamlining the installation process by the development of standardized images, our experts ensure quicker restores and faster setups. Guiding businesses through the technology adoption process, IT teams can focus over client deliverables and tasks that drive IT businesses much forward.


Troubleshooting & Repairs

Technology infrastructures can be sometimes turn out to be quite unpredictable but our IT support can be much trusted and reliable. We cater IT support through specialist technicians and engineers. Businesses can benefit from it with just a click or call away. Our troubleshoot and repairs offerings will focus on making business workforces fall in love with how their systems operate. Eliminating error messages and unproductive technological issues, we make sure businesses can exhibit maximum efficiency throughout their operations and thus garner optimum productivity. 


Asset Tracking

Thoroughly examining IT assets such as serial numbers, versions, hardware settings, locations, numbers, patch-levels, etc, our support team specializes in improving system performance with full application of IT investment and license compliance in all sectors. Making good use of in-depth auditing and recommendations, our experts will work parallel with the in-house tech support team for the same. Our well seasoned, skilled, and well-trained technicians are much compatible with high-end asset management software packages for assuring IT assets are in a good state. 


Migrations and Operating Systems

Businesses when considering to roll out to a newer operating system and is in demand of latest windows update, our specialized support will come to benefit the same. Catering our specialist offerings over everything starting from consultation, design, implementation, testing, and final deployment, our expert technicians and engineers will remain as ongoing support for everything from start to finish. Trained and certified our team members are well versed with high-end platforms and operating systems for offering, tried, and tested processes for ensuring the smoothest transition. Committing to everything such as online conferencing software, email, PowerPoint, the technology that maximizes business productivity our IT Desktop Support Services cater end-to-end assistance over the installation and management of IT pieces of equipment, essential systems, and network management functions.

Benefits of IT Desk Support Services

  • Enhanced Efficiency with customer service support communications
  • Seamless nd uniform client experience during business interactions through    phone, laptop, or tablet ,etc.
  • Optimum productivity by assuring hassle free employee experience 
  • Effective facilitation problem resolution with mapping, prediction and docuemnting
  •  Strengthened library of information business, customers, and employees.

Why outsource your IT Desk Support services to TERAIT?

  • Minimum operating costs for businesses to become competetive 
  • Improved business response time for efficient problem resolving
  • Data access for measurement of supplier performance
  • Minimum repetition of calls for strict resolving of complicated client problem solving
  • Support of industry experts for business development , customer enruchment and profits
  • Focussed attention towards core competent tasks while our experts fix or escalate tasks
  • Improved technical support over working hours

IT businesses can discover varied and unique client experiences with Terait much differently than other desktop support service providers. Assisting businesses in defining an overall strategy that takes care of IT infrastructure, we replace hardware and software consistently alongside training and scheduling archiving, deployment, data transfer, end-user management, and development of robust support structure. While managing each business's technology requirements of special projects, there occur unpredictable spikes when considering resource requirements. Thus through our unflinching partnership for projects right from start to finish and throughout the lifecycle of the IT equipment, we will cater all assistance in migration and installation of newer software or up-gradation of older ones. 

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