5 Trends that are Transforming The Data Center Industry in 2021

5 Trends that are Transforming The Data Center Industry in 2021

Businesses who are looking forward to adding data center capabilities to their businesses can dive right in. Our expert researchers constantly eying on the industry have compiled this article for inferring all key trends that are influencing the industry of Datacenters. This article will help businesses to expect all trends that lie ahead in 2021. Our experts have identified and put together eleven themes that will transform the data center technologies this year. Readers can experience in more depth many of these trends in the coming months, but this list provides a high-level perspective over the same topic. The persisting pandemic has slowed down businesses ' pursue toward data center growth. The data center services valued at USD 31.39 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach a value of USD 58.28 billion by 2025. The largest driver of such expansion in the data center capacity depends over the demand by the cloud services providers and the IT industry.

Without knowing the future impacts on the economy, as well as consumer spending and confidence, many businesses have held off on growth with 60% of planned facilities delaying finalization. But the phase of the pandemic is slowly unfurling the potential of Datacenters back to full swing.

Following are the 5 Trends that are Transforming The Data Center Industry in 2021:



  • Automation

Newer server technologies are enabling fewer people in managing them with automation. Managing more than tens of thousands of servers, businesses can easily solve the server-to-admin ratio even in accelerated server growth and unpaced staff development. Businesses can choose the development and management of unstaffed data centers led by software, including offerings from specialists and equipment vendors.

Featuring newer approaches for designing and robotics, this choice will enable IT businesses to removing failed servers from the immersion bath and restoring it with a fresh server creating environments optimized for machines. Reducing operational costs will ensure data growth and keeping to get larger. 


  • Shifting the focus to Edge computing

Datacenter industry remains divided about the prospects for edge computing making it useful, and profitable. Supporting end-users and investors for focusing on near-term cost/benefit analyses rather than long-term potential. Edge computing is predicted to persist over the coming years and such scenarios will drive active M&A landscapes. Businesses must see a larger opportunity over edge data centers, keenly watching commercial edge deployments moving into innovative phases of maturation of the industry.


  • Cloud Connectivity

Cloud computing opens up rooms for IT enterprises for reshaping the IT landscape. Businesses while transitioning from on-premises data centers to cloud providers must understand it is a lengthy transition. It involves the rational reallocation of enterprise IT resources continue across cloud platforms, colocation facilities, on-premises data centers, and cloud connectivity too. Technologies such as data tonnage and AI computation are gaining more and more demands as businesses nowadays are driving for better networks. 


  • Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence can play a leading role in data center operations as this hardware-intensive computing technology analyzes data both near and far. This includes everything ranging from algorithm training at cloud campuses to inference engines in smartphones. Making products and services smarter, AI can emerge as a strategic priority. When every business from large to small takes machine learning for personalizing and improving their products it's quite nice to have Artificial intelligence for featuring more innovation and suffice all requirements for quicker and more power-efficient computing hardware. 


  • The challenge of Data Tonnage 

Businesses nowadays experience an explosive growth of data that they have felt like never before. This expansive growth has made it a necessity for businesses to adopt next-generation technologies for the transformation of approaches for storage, management, and movement of data. These disruptions will drive disruption and lend themselves to transformation. Generating enormous volumes of data Machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies prove to be much expensive. The challenge of Data tonnage over the distribution and concentration of data is expected to grow in the coming years. Businesses must focus on the testing of their network requirements from time to time for analytics, AI, and other data-intensive applications. 


Businesses should localize data traffic, analytics, and management, for ensuring enterprises have effective control over business data and scale digital business. With growing data density, data gets quite harder to move, which creates the potential for newer extensions of the cloud. Moving data sets around are quite difficult that they are required to be located next to computation. Thus stated are the trends that are transforming the Data Center Industry. Businesses while choosing a Data Center Service Provider or Colocation Facility must choose companies that not only have a firm foothold over the industry but is ready to embrace innovation and industry best practices. 


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